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Be Dog Smart!

Now that we are all spending much more time at home these days, we feel it is more important than ever to be aware of the value of safe interaction between dogs and our children.

Simple rules that the whole family can follow such as allowing our dogs to eat their meals and treats in peace, and making sure that they have a nice quiet place to rest undisturbed will go a long way to promoting a safe and happy environment for all. Above all, active supervision by an adult when children and dogs are sharing the same space is vital.

To hone these messages in, we have developed some fantastic free resources for everyone in the family to enjoy. Take a look at our blog to hear about these resources and safety tips in more detail, but to summarise, we’ve developed a downloadable fridge poster that you can print off and stick up in your kitchen. This poster can be coloured in, and decorated by your children, and has daily, weekly and once off tasks for your family to do with the family dog (or dogs).

We also have developed a downloadable blueprint to make your dog their own doggy den; with this unique blueprint, your family can build a quiet place for your dog to retreat, away from the hustle and bustle of family life. If you can't build a doggy den, then allocating a nice quiet area of the house to your dog, with a comfy cosy bed and their favourite toys, will be just as effective! It's important for the whole family to know that if your dog is in their den/bed then they should be allowed to rest there undisturbed.

And we also have created an enrichment video to make some puzzle feeders for your dogs at home - not only are these great fun to make, your dog will have just as much fun eating the tasty snacks inside. Just remember that eating is another activity dogs should be allowed to do in peace!

All these activities will not only be great fun for your family to complete, but will also be much appreciated by your dog we’re sure !


Once you’ve participated in these various tasks, you can take our doggy quiz below and see Just how Be Dog Smart you are!! Best of luck



Take a look at these be Dog Smart videos to learn how to keep your children safe around dogs, and how to recognise certain doggy body language.