Be Dog Smart
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Be Dog Smart is our newest Education Campaign aimed at keeping children, and their families, safe around dogs while at home and out and about in the community.




Paws, Think, Stay Safe

Be Dog Smart is our new campaign to help all family members understand how to behave around dogs in order to keep themselves safe.

Dogs Trust Education and Community Officers bring FREE workshops to schools to teach children how to approach and say hello to a dog who is with their owner, what do to if they are frightened by a dog, and how to behave around dogs so that they can stay safe. We also go into the community to teach parents how to help keep their children safe around dogs with our FREE family friendly workshops.We have workshops for expectant parents ,toddlers and primary aged children and a workshop for parents of teenagers. All of our workshops are presented by our six dedicated Education and Community Officers.

If you are interested in finding out more about Be Dog Smart and would like to arrange a ‘Be Dog Smart’ workshop in your school, library or community centre, you can find your local Education and Community Officer here.

We also offer a range comprehensive educational resources which can be downloaded below, or can be ordered via this form.

 *Please note, as a charity we have limited resources and currently cannot offer evening or weekend workshops.



Be Dog Smart Safety Code

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