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That's Mad, Ted!

In our last update, we met with Magic, our midlands education dog. Today we meet with Ted, who works with our South East education and Community Officer, Heather.


Hi Ted, tell us all a little bit about yourself!

I’m a cross breed, I think I’m half Pomeranian and half terrier but I’m not sure.  I live in Co. Carlow with my mam, my dad and my two brothers; Sweetcorn the cat and Dougal the guinea pig. I am 3 years old in human years and 21 in dog years.


You belong to our Education and Community Officer Heather. How long have you lived together?

I have been living with Heather 3 years now! When I was a puppy I found myself on the side of the road. I can’t remember how I got there but a lady saw me while driving past and thought I was a teddy bear because I was so small and fluffy but when she saw me walking, she soon realised I was a dog and brought me to a rescue centre. They named me Ted because I looked like a teddy bear. This is where Heather and I met and she instantly fell in love with me. Who wouldn’t? I was so cute!


What are your likes/dislikes?

I love going for walks, especially on the beach. The rocks and shells and even the sand have interesting smells, but I don’t like the water. It is very loud and sometimes tries to get me. I make many friends at the beach as well. We run and play, but Heather is never too far behind in case I make a poop and she can pick it up with a poo bag so no one has to step in it.

Have you had much training?

When Heather first adopted me I learned how to sit, give the paw, lie down and roll over but I won’t do it unless she has a treat for me. When I started working for Dogs Trust I had to learn how to behave in classrooms and not to eat children’s sandwiches – I did it once, but have been very good ever since.


What do you think about your new job, and what are you most looking forward to?

I love my new job. I get to go in the car, meet lots of lovely children and best of all, I get to spend lots of time with Heather. One day I was even on the TV. I love going to schools near the beach because Heather always brings me for a walk there after we have finished.


Welcome to the team Ted!