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I Love Lucy

Over the past few weeks, we have interviewed some of the new education dogs, and today we are finally meeting the lovely Lucy, who belongs to our Dublin and East Leinster Education and Community Officer, Audrey.

 Audrey and Lucy.jpg

Hi Lucy, tell us all a little bit about yourself!

I’m a King Charles Cavalier and I’m 5 years old – that’s 35 years in dog years! My birthday is the 13th of June. I’m hoping my owner Audrey will give me a special doggy treat that day.



You belong to our Dublin Education and Community Officer, Audrey. How long have you lived together?

I have lived with Audrey since I was a puppy – she tells me I was 12 weeks old when I came to live with her and her Family. I was so tiny, I couldn’t climb the stairs and I fitted in the palm of her hand. I can’t imagine that I was that small! I also live with Finn and Grace – they are my human brother and sister. They play fetch with me and bring me for nice long walks.

 Lucy after the groomers.JPG

What are your likes/dislikes?

My hobby is chasing leaves on a windy day – it’s my favourite thing in the whole wide world! I collect some in my mouth and bring them home to Audrey for a present. I’m a little bit lazy though, and like to have a nap during the day – Audrey tells me I snore very loudly and sometimes I wake everyone up at night I’m that loud. I’m not sure that I believe her! I don’t like getting wet and if it rains when I’m out for a walk, Audrey has to dry me off with a nice fluffy towel! I don’t like going to the groomers – they cut my hair so short and make me all smelly! No I don’t like that at all!



Have you had much training?

When I was a puppy, Audrey brought me to training classes. I learned to sit, give the paw and roll over. I’m such a clever dog I can even spell! I know when Audrey is spelling WALK! I had to learn how to be an Education Dog because I have to sit for a long time on my mat and sometimes I get bored, but Audrey gives me my favourite toys and some doggy treats to chew.

 Lucy at school.JPG


What do you think about your new job, and what are you most looking forward to?

I used to feel very lonely when everyone went to school in the morning – I wished I could go with them. But now that I’m an Education Dog, I get to go with Audrey in the car everyday to school and I get to meet all the boys and girls. I’m very good at smelling the tasty lunches in all the schoolbags and last week I nearly ate a boy’s sausage sandwich out of his bag, but don’t tell Audrey – I don’t think she noticed! The boys and girls thought it was very funny!

Audrey and Lucy visit schools in Dublin, and parts of Louth, Meath and Kildare. If you would like them to visit your school, you can email Audrey on [email protected] or phone her on086 1422381