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Hotdogs Or Pupsicles; Keeping Your Dog Safe in Winter

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The past few weeks we’ve had snow, ice, storms, and even freezing fog. Winter is well and truly upon us, and the only time most of us spend outdoors is a brisk walk from house to car to closest building; apart from, of course, when we walk our dogs.

Dogs still need their walks, even if we would rather curl up in front of the fire-our dogs would love to do that too, just after their walk.

But even our furry companions need to be protected from the elements, so we have composed a list of ways to make sure our dogs stay safe this winter.


Keep them inside-if possible

The best way to keep your dog safe is simply to keep them inside. If you have to keep your dog outside, make sure they have a place to sleep that is raised from the ground, well insulated, and with a flap or curtain to keep them nice and sheltered from the rain and wind. When temperatures drop to below zero however, we really do advise that you bring them inside where they can be nice and toasty.


 piper in jumper.JPEG

Protect them when out on walks

Some hairy dogs, like huskies and St Bernards fare well in the snow. They have lots of body fat and heavy fur to insulate them, and will love the low temperatures. Greyhounds, whippets and lurchers however have short hair and slight physiques. They will need jackets or jumpers to keep them warm. Keep an eye on their paws, which can be vulnerable to snow and ice. If they start limping while out on a walk, check to see if they are ok. You can buy booties for dogs to wear, but make sure they fit, and are comfortable.


Don’t leave your dog in a car

In summer, a parked car becomes an oven. In winter, they become a refrigerator.  Don’t leave a dog alone in one for any length of time.


Make sure their identification is up to date

Winter is the time of year when dogs are most likely to go missing-many will panic during a storm and may escape a garden, or flee through an open front door. Make sure they are wearing their collar with an ID tag, and that they’re microchipped.


Be careful when using Anti Freeze.

Anti Freeze is sweet tasting for dogs, but highly toxic. Make sure your dog has no access to it, and if they do ingest any, contact your vet straight away.

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By following these safety tips, we hope you and your dogs enjoy the cold snap while it's here. Stay safe guys and dogs.