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The Mighty Madraí Resolutions

Hello all, and once again happy new year.

January is a wonderful time to start afresh, try new things and give up old habits. Now that we’re already finished our first week back in schools our new year’s resolutions have either gone by the wayside, or are starting to become regular parts of our routine.

But it isn’t just humans that have new years resolutions, dogs can have them too.

And today we thought we would fill you in on the education dogs’ new year’s resolutions.


We’ll start with Jack.


It wasn’t difficult for Heather, Jack’s owner and the South East Education and Community Officer to decide what Jack’s resolution would be. Over Christmas Jack destroyed mats to the value of €100, and since Heather adopted him over a year ago, he has chewed up more than €1000 worth of household goods. You name it, shoes, remote controls, wifi cables. If it is chewable then Jack has chewed it.



So, for 2019 Jack is going to stop chewing up all of poor Heather’s things. Hopefully his big/little brother Ted can help him with this, in fact, that’s Ted’s new year resolution, to help his brother learn how to stop chewing up all Heathers things. Good luck boys.


And if we move down to Cork to Odie and Piper, who belong to our Cork Officer, Dawn, they both have separate resolutions.

Odie can be a bit of a delicate boy, so he has vowed to be a bit braver, but not when it comes to stealing his sister’s breakfast, in fact, that’s his other resolution. He will no longer steal food directly from Piper’s bowl.

And as for Piper, well she will learn to share her toys with Odie. She tends to hoard all the dog toys in her bed and leave none for poor Odie, so that is going to stop this year. She is also going to try and sleep more-she is a lurcher after all, and has promised to come back to Dawn when she’s called. We know she’s got great hearing, so no excuse Piper.

I’m sure you’ll both do great. Best of luck.


And what about Magic in the Midlands? Well Magic has never been a big fan of the bath, even though she gets far more cuddles from her owner Paul when she’s lovely and clean. But as much as she hates the bath, she really loves getting dried from the towel, as you can see here, so she promises to be better behaved in the bath from now on, if Paul promises to keep drying her with the towel afterwards (which he does).

In Dublin, Lucy has promised her owner Audrey, one of our Dublin officers, that she will go out on more walks. Lucy does like her walks, but sometimes it’s cold or rainy, and on those days staying in bed is very tempting. But walks are important, and she loves collecting lots of smells, so for 2019, lots of Lucy walks.

And that just leaves Ollie, who is practically perfect in every way. How can you make a New year resolution when you’ve life sorted already, eh? Well, he has vowed to give Fiona, his owner and our Education Manager, even more cuddles.

Happy New Year everyone!