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Meet Maeve, the Newest Member on the Education Team

The education team are delighted to announce we have a new member on our team.

Meet Maeve, who will be covering the South East for the next few months. Maeve will be visiting schools in her district delivering Dogs Trust’s message of Responsible Dog Ownership and Safety around dogs. We thought you might like to get to know Maeve, so we asked her a few questions for our blog.


Hello Maeve. You’re very welcome to the team. Which counties will you be visiting for your workshops?

Thank you. I am covering the South East, so Kilkenny, Waterford, Wexford, Carlow and Tipperary.


Do you have a dog? And if so, will you they be joining the education team too, and coming to schools with you?

Yes. Hopefully in a few months’ time I will be able to bring my lovely dog Penny along to my workshops. She’s a Golden Retriever, and she is five years of age.


Is Penny your only dog?

She is my only dog, yes, though I do have a cat as well whose name is Commissioner Gordon. Penny and Commissioner Gordon get along very well. Penny is very active and goes for two walks every day. She also loves to swim, play fetch, and she loves food-dog food of course.


Are retrievers your favourite type of dog?

I have a soft spot for retrievers, setters and spaniels-but to be honest, I love all dogs, big, small, fluffy or short haired.


Have you ever worked with dogs before, or is this your first time?

I have a diploma in canine behaviour and dog training. I love the training aspect of dog welfare and I really want to learn more in this field, so I’m doing work experience at the moment to build up my experience. Hopefully my knowledge of training will be a benefit to the education team. I’ve owned dogs all my life and have always been interested in the care of welfare of dogs, so this job is perfect for me.


And what about education? Is this your first time working with children?

No, I have been a primary school teacher for the past ten years in a Gaelscoil, so I’m very familiar with education. I’ve also worked in many performing arts summer camps over the years.


And working in a Gaelscoil, does that mean you can speak Irish?

Tá gaeilge agam agus ag Penny agus tá sé de chumas agam na ceardlanna a tabhairt trí gaeilge freisin.

 Maeve spent a few days with Magic and Paul in the midlands

You’ve been with us now for three weeks. How have you spent your time with us so far, and have you enjoyed it?

Yes, I spent my first three weeks shadowing the other Education officers in Cork, Dublin and the Midlands. Everyone has been friendly and welcoming (particularly the education dogs). I have loved going around to the schools and meeting all the children and teachers. I can’t wait to get started in the South East.


Fantastic. And What are you most looking forward to in working with Dogs Trust

I’m most looking forward to hopefully working alongside my own dog Penny. I also can’t wait to teach a future generation of children all about how to look after their dogs properly, and contributing to a reduction in stray dogs across the country. This is something I feel very passionate about.


If you would like Maeve to visit your school you can email her at Maeve.O'[email protected] or phone her on 086 2965883



And if you are asking yourself, what about Heather? And Ted? And Jack????

Don’t worry, Heather will be back. She is on maternity leave for the next few months. The education team send lots of love to Heather and her gang. We know Ted and Jack will make amazing big brothers xxx