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What's the Tea?

Tea: A drink with Jam and Bread

Tales: A narrative or story.

 So what’s Tea AND Tales? Well, It’s our exciting educational event we are hosting on Saturday, April  27th


We combine two of mankind’s greatest creations-tea, cakes and treats with stories, tales and yarns to create a fun and educational afternoon.

We have invited various guests from the canine community to join us and while you, our lovely attendees enjoy our complimentary confectionary, our guests will tell their stories about dogs.

We have a canine carer, who will regale us with how they look after the dogs of Dogs Trust. Just how many walks do they do a day? And who comes up with all those puppy names?

And we have a vet, who will entertain and fascinate as they inform us how they keep dogs healthy. Just what are fleas and ticks? And what about worms? Are they the same things we see in our garden? Well, out vet will be able to tell us.

We also have a Dog trainer on call, who will tell us the tricks of their trade. Why do some dogs bark at other dogs? Why do some dogs chase cats? Or hate the hoover? Our trainer will be able to tell you.


We have some other guests lined up, but we don’t want to ruin ALL the surprises, so if you want to know the full line up, well, you’ll have to buy a ticket, won’t you?


And once you’ve heard about all the different careers involving dogs, you’ll want to know which one best suits you won’t you? And we’ve thought about that too. Because we have designed a quiz to determine which career your own particular set of skills and interests are best suited for.


And if that wasn’t all, we also have a behind-the-scenes tour of our rehoming facility lined up.

Phew. We’re exhausted just thinking about it. Exhausted, but excited.

If you want to join us at this amazing par-tea, you can nab a ticket here.

A single ticket costs €5 while a family ticket (four people) costs €18.

We kick off at 12:00.

And did we mention the cake? Oh yes, There will be lots of cake.


This is an educational event for children aged 7-12 and their families. We love dogs, but we have enough dogs here as is, so please leave your own pups at home. This is a human only event.