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Wise Up!

Greeting fellow dog lovers. It’s time to wise up and embrace dog safety and confidence. That’s why this week is our Be Dog Wise week. A week where we promote safety and confidence around dogs-each of which are components of our two campaigns; Be Dog Smart, and Be Dog Confident

 Our Education and Community Officer Audrey, delivering one of our safety workshops 


Be Dog Smart

Any regular visitor to our site should know all about Be Dog Smart, but for those who don’t, we’ll take a brief moment to catch you up. Be Dog Smart is our ongoing campaign to promote safe interaction between dogs and children. 40% of households have a dog. That means that even if you don’t have a dog, the chances that you will meet one are fairly high-so we created a series of workshops for both adults and children on how to behave around dogs to maintain a safe environment. Our workshops cover various  aspects of dog safety, such as preparing your dog for the arrival of a new baby, tips on training, and even highlighting signs and signals that dogs exhibit when they are feeling stressed.


Be Dog Confident

Our Be Dog Confident campaign launched last year, and this has a slightly different angle to Be Dog Smart. This campaign aims to help children who have low-level anxiety around dogs. Our education officers often meet children who feel slightly anxious around dogs and we felt these children might need some extra help overcoming this. We live in a dog friendly country, and Dogs Trust is actively trying to make it even more dog friendly, so it is inevitable that children will interact with dogs, if not in their own home, then when out and about in the community. Our Be Dog Confident workshops aim to help children build their confidence around dogs, so they can be comfortable and secure while in the presence of a dog.

Be Dog Wise Week is an awareness week where we highlight the above messages and promote our various workshops.

If you would like your local education officer to deliver a workshop, you can email [email protected]

Alternatively, we are hosting a series of evening and weekend workshops in our rehoming centre in Dublin over the next few months. Have a look at the list here, and if you are interested, make sure you book a ticket.


We hope to see you there, and remember, Be Dog Wise!!!