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Meet Domhnall, the newest member on the Education Team

Hello Domhnall. You’re very welcome to the team. Which counties will you be visiting for your workshops?

 Hello! I’ll be looking after most of the south west of Munster as I live in Bruff in Limerick so I’ll be visiting Limerick, Cork and parts of Kerry to do workshops with children and adults, both in schools and local communities.


Do you have a dog? And if so, will you they be joining the education team too, and coming to schools with you?

I have a dog called Sammy but he lives at home with my family in Dublin as I’m not allowed have a dog in the house I live in. He’s also very nervous around strangers and large groups so wouldn’t cope being brought to schools as part of the education team. Sammy is a black and white long haired Border Collie who loves nothing more than spending time with people he knows and hanging around with other dogs like his sister Lizzy and his feline friends PJ and Beans.

 Sammy, Domhnall's faithful friend

Whats your favourite breeds of dog?

 I don’t know if I could pick a favourite breed of dog but my top three would definitely be Border Collies, Pitbulls and Lurchers. I love the giddiness of Border Collies, and how much Pitbulls love to cuddle and the laziness of Lurchers.


You’re new to the education team, but are not new to Dogs Trust, is that correct? Tell us about your previous job within the charity?

Yeah I’ve worked for Dogs Trust for nearly five years now. My first few years were as a Canine Carer which means I looked after the dogs in our rehoming centre making sure they were all walked and fed and trained which is a really tough job when you have nearly two hundred dogs to look after! After that I was an assistant volunteer co-ordinator so I helped guide all of our amazing volunteers that came in to help play with the dogs and help our carers keep everything clean including our kennels, doggie bowls and massive amounts of laundry.



Do you think your time as Volunteer Co-ordinator and Canine Carer will help your role on the education team?

 Definitely! As a carer and volunteer co-ordinator I have learned so much about dog behaviour and what dogs and puppies need to grow up healthy and happy. I also know an awful lot about how the charity works so can answer any questions children (or teachers) may have about the workings of the organisation.


Will you miss all the dogs in the rehoming centre?

I will of course, but I’m happy knowing that they will be getting the best of care being looked after by my friends and colleagues in the rehoming centre. I also know that all the dogs and pups will find their forever homes from the centre which is what they all want most in life so that keeps me happy if I ever miss any of my particular favourites. I also get to visit Dublin quite regularly so I can pop in and say hello to the dogs I know well from my time as a carer.


What are you most looking forward to as an education and community officer?

I think the thing I’m most looking forward to is getting to live in a new town and spend my days visiting all the children in my region telling them how great dogs are and spreading the positive experience that all of us who work at Dogs Trust get to see every day by working with these extraordinary animals.



If you would like Domhnall to visit your school, local library, or community,  you can email him on [email protected] or call him on 0879239221