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Penny for your thoughts

A few months ago we welcomed Maeve to our team when she became the new Education and Community Officer for the South East. And you might remember  Maeve mentioning in her interview that she had a dog called Penny. Well, we have some fantastic news. Penny is now assessed and prepared, and will be joining Maeve on some of her workshops as an education dog.


We thought it was only approproate that if Maeve had her own section on the blog when she joined, that Penny should have the same attention now she is an offical team member. 

So, here is an interview with Penny, the new education dog for the South East...


Penny, looking spiffing in her new uniform


Hi Penny, Welcome to the education team. How long have you lived with Maeve?

Hello. I have lived with Maeve ever since I was a puppy. Five happy years together this month actually!


Oh wow, happy adoptaversary! You’re a very pretty dog, what breed are you?

Why thank you! I get that a lot actually, I am a Golden Retriever. Sometimes I walk through the streets of Kilkenny with Maeve in the evenings and I get lots of compliments and tourists ask if they can pet me, which is great, because I love attention! I think its because of my golden hair, which Maeve has to brush, a LOT. I don’t mind though because I love being groomed! 


Maeve and Penny when Penny was only a puppy 


And what are your likes/dislikes?

I am very enthusiastic about most things in life. What drives me most is food. I will do anything for a treat. Once I came across a crow and it dropped some bread which I got to eat. Since that day I've had to fight the urge to to chase every crow that I can. Just in case- it hasn’t happened again because Maeve keeps an eye on me but you can never be sure. I am a really active dog, so I love really long walks where I get to explore and sniff new smells. Like lots of retrievers, I am a really good swimmer and I love the water. I like to play with other dogs too, and of course, being a retriever- I love to chase after toys and bring them back to Maeve – in exchange for a treat of course!

I do not like the Vet, or getting baths. No Thank You!


Best Buds


You’re Maeve’s only dog, but Commissioner Gordon the cat is your adopted brother. Do you guys get along?

We do actually- most of the time. Commissioner Gordon lived with Maeve for a few weeks before I did, but we are actually the same age. That’s because he was abandoned as a really tiny kitten. Maeve had to nurse him back to health so by the time I moved in he was only around 10 weeks old, the same age as I was. We’ve grown up together, and we still play together a lot. He isn’t afraid of me but he doesn’t really like any other dogs. Like most siblings we do get a little jealous of each other. If I feel like Maeve is giving him too much attention, I sometimes nudge him away (gently) with my nose.


What do you think about your new job? And what are you most looking forward to doing?

I am thrilled to be joining the Education team. I have lots to live up to with the other super education dogs but I can’t wait to get started. I am most looking forward to meeting all of the kids, and teaching them all about being a responsible dog owner and about how to stay safe around dogs.


If you would like Maeve and Penny to visit your school/library/youth group for a FREE visit you can phone her on 0872965883, or alternatvely you can email her at Maeve.O'[email protected]

You can also follow them on twitter @DT_Heather_Ted 

Although Penny, and indeed all the education dogs on the team love coming with their officers to workshops, we can never outright guarantee they will be with us. Sometimes it can be a bit too hot to bring the dogs on car journeys, or sometimes (like all of us) they just feel like staying at home. But don't worry, our amazing workshops are designed to be just as fun and interactive whether or not our dogs are with or us or not.


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