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Howl-O-Ween 2019

Halloween in almost upon us, and although we education officers love Oíche Shamhna, its important to remember our dogs can find this holiday a stressful and frightening time.

In fact last year on this blog, we highlighted all the ways to keep your dog safe which you can read here.

But there is no reason why we can’t celebrate the spooky season in a safe and peaceful manner, and we know just the way to do it; by attending our annual Howl-O-Ween event.

This annual educational event will be held on Saturday, October 26th at 12pm, and is for children aged 7-12 and their families. All attendees are encouraged to come in their scariest fancy dress, and there may even be a prize for best costume. That being said, any attendee wearing a mask will be asked to remove it for one of the highlights of the event, the behind-the-scenes tour of our amazing rehoming facility. Attendees will see where all our dogs live,  walk, play and train. They may even get to see where the puppies are born-though we can’t guarantee this. Sometimes the mums can get a little stressed so this will depend on the day.

No children  (or dogs) were harmed in the making of this photo

But a tour is not the only activity of the day.

There will be a workshop on keeping your dog safe over Halloween, and we will host the deadly “Howl-Or-Scowl” quiz, to discover how much everyone has learned.

After all that there will be some goodies (because what is Halloween without some treats to go with the tricks?), and while our attendees are snacking on their treats we will regale them with the terrifyingly terrific tale of the “Werewolf of Dogs Trust”. A tale of responsible dog ownership with a fiendish twist.


This is not the Werewolf of Dogs Trust...Or is it???


So what are you waiting for?

Tickets can be bought at our online box office

Single tickets cost €5 while a family ticket is €18. Although we love dogs, this is a human only event. Apologies.

We’re dying to see you all there