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The Werewolf Of Dogs Trust

There was once a puppy, born on Halloween night, when the full moon was high in the sky. Not a lot of people know this, but when puppies are born in this manner, they are at risk of becoming a werewolf! The puppy’s name was Warren, and when he was born, he was the cutest looking puppy anyone had ever seen.

A man called Jim came to look at Warren, and when he saw him he fell in love with him. He said to himself “I bet my daughter would love this little puppy as a present”, and he took Warren home. The man’s daughter was delighted to have Warren as a pet, and she went out and bought lots of things that a puppy needs.

In this picture alone, you can see Lucy has her lead, her harness, her mat, and lots, and lots and lots of Dog Food!


That’s lots of things isn’t it? And it costs an awful lot of money to buy all these things. When Jim realised how expensive Warren was to keep, he realised he could not afford to keep the puppy anymore. Jim and his daughter abandoned him, and Warren was very upset.

“Why didn’t they think about how much I would cost before they adopted me?” he thought, and he was so upset, that his floppy ears stood up straight, and became pointed.

Warren wasn’t gloomy for long however, because a new family came to adopt him soon after. This family were called the Johnson family, and they were very excited to have Warren as a pet. There were two adults, and two children in the family, and they were very busy. The parents were at work all day long, and they children were at school. Warren hoped they would bring him for a walk in the evenings, but they were always too tired.

“I haven’t got time to walk that dog” said the Father. “Neither do I” said the children.

Warren got really sad, and he began to howl



Warren howled and howled all day long and the Johnsons’ neighbours got really annoyed at them.

“That dog never stops howling, will you ever bring that dog out for a walk?”

“But we don’t have time” the Johnsons said, and it was then they realised they could no longer look after Warren.

Warren was so upset this was happening again. He was so upset in fact, that his eyes turned red.

But it wasn’t too long until a third family met Warren. Even though he now had pointed ears, and red eyes, he was still quite a handsome dog, and he was still nice and small. The third family were called the McDonald family, and they lived in an apartment.

“He’s only small” said the Mother. “He’ll love living with us.” And she was right. Warren did love living with the MacDonald family. He stayed with this family for a few months, but soon he realised the family seemed to be cross with him all the time. It wasn’t his fault that his waggy tail kept on knocking things over, and it wasn’t his fault that when he sat down on the sofa, there was no room for anyone else.

“He’s got sooooooo big. I didn’t think he would grow this big” said the father. Warren looked at himself in the mirror. It was true. He was very big now. As big as a Great Dane, but that didn’t matter did it? Surely that just meant there was more of him to love?

The MacDonald family didn’t think so.

“We haven’t got enough space for this dog” they said, and they decided they could no longer keep Warren as a pet.

Warren wasn’t sad about being abandoned this time. This time he was angry. He was so angry that his little puppy teeth grew into Huge Fangs. He was no longer a dog any more. He was a werewolf!

Warren the Werewolf lived on the streets. He hated humans, because they kept telling him they were his forever family, and then abandoning him. He vowed he would get his revenge on all humans. Every full moon he would roam the streets and find unsuspecting people. He would chase them into a corner and howl at them as loud as he could.


He did this for such a long time, that he became famous. Everyone knew, and feared that Warren the Werewolf would find them, and so people stopped leaving their house when the moon was full.

Except one girl called Frieda. Frieda worked for Dogs Trust and didn’t believe in werewolves. She decided one full moon night, that she would go for a walk.

She was walking down the street, minding her own business, when suddenly she stopped. She looked around but couldn’t see anything. She didn’t know why, but she had the strangest feeling she was being watched. She started walking again when she saw two red eyes staring at her from across the road. A werewolf!

“OOOOOWWWWWWWWW!” it howled and ran over to her.

Now, Frieda knew all about safety around dogs. Do you think Frieda ran away? No, of course not, she knew the werewolf was much faster than her. Do you think she shouted at him, did she say “Go away and leave me alone?” No, she didn’t do that either, as she didn’t know yet that werewolves can talk. What she did was lift her hands up to her chest, and do what we call, “The X Factor”.

Warren stopped dead in his tracks. He was confused, normally people ran away from him, but this girl was looking away from him.

“Why aren’t you scared of me” he said to her.

“You can talk!” she said, sounding surprised.

“Yes I can talk, I’m a werewolf now, I’m not a dog anymore, now, why aren’t you scared of me?”

Frieda wondered what she should do now. She knew that you should never talk to strangers, and she knew you should never approach a dog that didn’t have an owner, but she figured, because she worked for Dogs Trust, it would be ok for her to talk to Warren. But I warn you, if you guys ever come across a werewolf! Never speak to them!

“I’m not scared of you,” she said, “because I feel sorry for you. I work in Dogs Trust, were we look after abandoned dogs. Maybe you could come and live with us until we find you a forever home?”

Warren barked at her, “I need lots of things to be happy and healthy. You wouldn’t be able to find a home that has money for these things.”

“Yes we would. We only send dogs home to a family that can afford all the things a dog needs.”

At this Warrens ears stopped being pointy and flopped down again.

“Well, what about time? I need two walks a day, every day.”

Frieda smiled, “Yes, we would walk you twice a day, and would make sure your forever family would do the same.”

At this Warren’s eyes went from a scary red, to a lovely blue, but he still had his fangs, and he still wasn’t sure about this strange girl from Dogs Trust.

“I’m very large” he said. “You’ll never find a home that’s big enough for me.”

“We do home visits for every dog before they are sent home, so we would make sure you had plenty of space.”

Warren couldn’t believe his luck. He jumped up and gave Frieda a big lick on the face. He no longer had big fangs, his teeth had grown back to normal dog teeth. In fact, he was no longer a werewolf, he was now a normal dog.

 Frieda brought Warren to Dogs Trust to get scanned for a microchip, and to get a health check.

Warren didn’t have one, so the vets gave him one to make sure he would never get lost again. Frieda decided that she would adopt him herself, and that is where the ex-werewolf of Dogs Trust, lives to this day.



Happy Halloween from the Dogs Trust Education Team