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Santa Paws is coming to Town


We have many events throughout the year, but there is one that stands out. One event that always sells out fast, and keeps the education officers on their toes. And this is Santa Paws.

As you can probably tell, this is our Christmas event where we celebrate the happiest time of year, but also shed some light on responsible dog ownership. Unfortunately, many people still think puppies make good Christmas presents, and every January we receive dozens of requests to take unwanted dogs. This is why we coined our now famous motto “A Dog is for Life, Not just for Christmas®”.

But just because we don’t think puppies make good Christmas presents, that doesn’t mean we can’t give dogs Christmas presents of their own, and in fact, if you attend our Santa Paws event, you will be assigned one of our resident dogs, and you will get to pack their very own Christmas stocking. You can fill their stocking with whatever you like. We will have toys, treats, maybe some yummy bones, and after you’ve carefully selected and filled your pooches stocking, it will be placed underneath our Christmas tree until Christmas day, when our fabulous Canine Carers will give them all out.

But Santa Paws isn’t just about filling stockings. No, no. All attendees will learn about how to take care of their own dog throughout the Christmas period. We will take you on a behind-the-scenes tour of our rehoming facility, there will be some arts and crafts, and we also ensure that there will be plenty of goodies to munch on.

We also just received an email from a certain gentleman who has promised to attend. This gent is quite popular, and tends to be very busy at this time of year, so we’re very lucky to have him. I wonder have you heard of him? He tends to wear a lot of red and white, and has a lovely hipster beard. Any guesses? Yes of course, Its Santa Claus.

All attendees will get to meet the man himself, and if we know Santa, he’s sure to have some presents for all the children.

Oh, and there is one more thing. A dress code! Yes, we have a very strict dress code that we insist must be adhered to. All attendees are to wear their best Christmas jumpers. In fact, we may even have a prize for best dressed.

Also, as our motto, “A Dog is for Life not Just for Christmas®” is so important, we’d love some art to put around the rehoming centre, so if you have time, we’d love you to make a poster at home with this message on it, and bring it in on the day to show it to us. We might even have a prize for best poster too!!!

The education team are on first name basis with Nick


You can buy tickets at our online box office

A family ticket (for four people) will cost you €35

A single ticket €10

The event starts at 10:30 and will finish at 12:30

Tickets are selling fast so please grab them while they are available.

If you are reading this after they have sold out, or you cannot make the event, fear not. Santa will remain with us from 1-2 and you can also buy a meet and greet tickets

Unfortunately this is a human only event, so please don’t bring your dogs.

We can’t wait to see you all there…