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A Dog Is For Life

We all know the saying. “A Dog is For Life, Not just for Christmas®”. In fact, it was coined by Dogs Trust over forty years ago.

Yet despite the phrase being very well known, it seems the message isn’t reaching everyone. To tackle this, Dogs Trust have launched our “A Dog is For Life” campaign, and you can learn all about it on Dogs Trust’s main website.

As regards the education team, we believe the best way to teach people, is to lead by example, and so the education team got together to share photos of our dogs. We shared photos from the early days, when we first adopted them, and compared them to more recent photos. We love our dogs just as much today as the first day we met them (If not more) and we truly believe that a dog is a lifelong commitment, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Why don’t you show us the old and new photos of your dogs, and use the hashtag #adogisforlife on twitter to make sure everyone sees it.


Let’s start with Magic

Magic was adopted by Paul waaaay back in 2011 and the first thing he bought her was a lovely dog bed. 8 years on she still has the dog bed (though she’s gone through a few loads of bedding), and you might also notice the duct tape hiding the scars of her puppy-chewing-everything phase. Now that Magic is a mature dog, she sleeps in her bed more than ever, but that’s ok. She’ll be using the bed for plenty more years to come.


And then we have the lovely Piper

Piper was adopted by Dawn in 2017, and since then she’s lived up to her breeds reputation as a couch potato. Yup, she spends her days in schools with Dawn, and her evenings are spent moving from one comfy couch to another. She is a little greyer since finding her forever home with Dawn (aren’t we all?) but we think you’ll agree that she’s as pretty as ever.


And then of course there’s Odie.

Piper isn’t Dawn’s only dog, and in fact she isn’t even Dawn’s first. Before there was Piper, there was Odie. Odie was rescued by Dawn in 2015 and four years later we’re sure you’ll agree he’s gotten even more handsome. He doesn’t come to schools with Dawn anymore (he prefers to leave that job to Piper) but he still loves his long walks, and even longer cuddles.


Moving on to Lucy, another of our senior Education dogs.


Lucy was adopted by Audrey when she was only 10 weeks old…bless. 8 years later she rivals the education lurchers for our laziest team member, but despite her relaxed attitude, she still loves her walks more than ever, and she is still Audrey’s most faithful friend.


Next up is Penny

Penny was adopted by Maeve back in 2014 and wow. Look at her, she’s a little super model. But she’s still just as stunning 5 years later, and as ever, is Maeve’s best companion, side-kick and alarm clock.


Although that is all the education dogs that are currently on the roster (except for Odie), we do have three more education pooches that are on the books but are taking some time off at the moment.


We’ll start with Ted.

Ted was found at the side of the road when he was only a little puppy. He was found by Heather, and at first Heather didn’t realise he was a dog, she thought was a cuddly toy (which is how he got his name), but when he wiggled his ears she realised he was a puppy, and they have been together ever since. Heather is on maternity leave at the moment, so Ted is currently busy looking after his little brother Conor, but he’s still Heather’s first boy.


And Jack of course…

You see, Conor isn’t Ted’s first little brother. Before Conor the human brother, there was Jack, the puppy brother. Jack joined Heather’s gang in 2017, and at first he was taken in as a foster puppy, but as you can understand from his puppy photos, Jack stole Heather’s heart and he is now one of Heather’s dogs for life.


And then there is Ollie

Ollie was adopted by Fiona, who instantly fell in love with that face (of course). But just like Jack and Ted, Ollie and Fiona’s family also expanded this year, and Ollie is taking some time off his education duties to help take care of his new human baby brother, Joshua.


Of course it isn’t just education dogs that are for life. All dogs are a lifelong commitment, and we thought it might be nice to tell you about the non-education dogs that are a part of our education teams families.


Aoife’s family adopted the stunning Socks when he was a puppy waaaaaay back in 2004. 2004!!! That makes him 15 this year. 15 is a long time to make a commitment but Aoife and her family are blessed to have such a gorgeous dog in their life, and they wouldn’t have it any other way.


And Domhnall also has two dogs in his family. The first is Sam, who was rescued in 2011, and a year later Lizzie joined the gang. Many years later, they are still living the high life.


And that is all the education teams’ dogs, including the active education dogs, the dogs taking some time off, and the dogs that do nothing more, than enrich their owners lives by just being fantastic, and really, isn’t that all a dog ever needs to do?


The education team at Dogs Trust truly believe that A Dog is for Life, and we hope this Christmas, you will keep that message close to your hearts.


Happy Christmas everyone

From the Dogs Trust education team, and all our fabulous dogs.