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Puppy Love 2020


Without the love of our dogs we’d all be barking mad.

What would life be without dog hair on every surface? Imagine throwing a ball and it not coming back to us? Imagine going for a walk, and not clasping a lead?

It isn’t worth thinking about, which is why, in the season of love, the Dogs Trust Education team have planned a unique and fun event; Puppy Love.

This event, which will be held in our rehoming centre on Saturday, February 15th, is positively bursting with pawsome activities that will make your heart swell.

Attendees of Puppy Love will enjoy a behind-the-scenes tour of our rehoming facility, where they will get to see some of our dogs that are still holding out for their soul mates. And then once back to the training barn we will be indulging in some arts and crafts, where you will get to make your own cloth puppy to take home, complete with adoption certificate.

We will make some Valentine’s day cards for the dogs in the centre, and sample some tasty treats and goodies to munch on before the main event.

And the main event is really quite special.

You see we’ve written a play. A play called Shakespaw in Love, and on February 15th this play will be preformed for MOST of our attendees. I say MOST of our attendees, and not ALL of our attendees, because, well, we have a slight problem. Dogs Trust is a charity, and so we cannot afford to pay actors to entertain you, but we thought perhaps…maybe some of you could fill the roles!

Shakespaw in Love tells the romantic tale of Shakespaw the puppy, who was abandoned as a puppy and found his way to Dogs Trust. Throughout his adventures he meets with many different characters, before hopefully finding his furever friend. Will he have a happy ever after? Well, you’ll have to buy a ticket at our online box office and see.

We hope to see you there…

A single ticket to Puppy Love costs €5

A family ticket (four people) costs €18