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The Big Scoop 2020

Dogs are great. Anyone reading this blog will agree on that. They are fun, beautiful, loyal creatures, and living with a dog is one of the greatest pleasures in life. When we think about dogs, our mind tends to conjure up lots of lovely imagery. Long walks on beaches. Playing fetch, training them to sit, or do tricks. And all that affection we receive after we come home in the evenings…Yeah, dogs are great.

But there is one aspect of caring for a dog that is slightly less glamourous. One aspect that, unfortunately, many dog owners do not take responsibility for and so it becomes an issue for our surrounding community.

Yup, it’s time to talk about Dog Poop.

Even the sweetest, cutest dog in the world poops, and if your dog poops in a public place, it is up to the owner to clean it up.

Why? Well let’s get some things clear



Dog poop ain’t clean folks. It is full of nasty little germs that can make us sick. These germs will survive even after a rainfall, and if your dog is sick, then other dogs and wildlife may get ill from your dog’s poop. Also, it isn’t fertilizer, and no matter what anyone says, it is not good for plants and trees.



Some dog poop contains tiny parasites called roundworm. Roundworm can live long after the poop has disintegrated, and these parasites can cause an infection called Toxocariasis in people. Although rare, it is possible for this infection to lead to blindness. This is why we should regularly treat our dogs for worms.



Its illegal. And its not your dog that is breaking the law. Its you! If you are caught you could face a €150 on the spot fine, or if convicted, you could face a massive fine of up to €4000. Nobody wants that.


Common decency

It just isn’t nice. You wouldn’t want to live in a smelly, dirty house with dog poop everywhere, so why would you want to live in a smelly dirty town or village? We share our communities and they will only remain nice places to live if we all work together. We must also remember that there are certain people in our society that may be more vulnerable to stepping in Dog Poop. Wheelchair users, pram users or people who are visually impaired may be more susceptible to stepping or rolling in dog poop, and bringing it into their houses.

It isn’t fair, so please remember to be considerate.



But its not all doom and gloom.

We know poop may not be the most fun thing to discuss in the world, but Dogs Trust’s education and campaigns team have got together to create The Big Scoop Campaign, our week of raising awareness of the importance of cleaning up after our dogs.

The Big Scoop Week is from March 9th-13th, and throughout this week, our six education officers will be visiting schools all over the country, delivering workshops that centre around poop, or to be more exact, on the importance of cleaning up doggy poop.

Our schools have all been organised, but if your school hasn’t been selected don’t worry, we still want to involve you.

We’ve designed a downloadable toolkit that you can access on our main website, which is full of activities, quizzes, workshops and arts and craft ideas.

And we’d love to hear how you got on with the toolkit, so once the week is over, please email us at [email protected] and share your thoughts with us.


Until then. Happy Scooping.