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The Dogs Trust Short Story Competition


We know we know…its been ages hasn’t it?

You must be missing your friends, your grandparents, your teachers? And you are probably bored stiff aren’t you!

The thing is…just because your body must stay at home, if you’ve been gifted with an imagination, your mind can take you anywhere in the world, and why stop there? Anywhere in the galaxy, the universe!

The education team at Dogs Trust have worked with thousands and thousands of kids all over the country, so we know how much talent Irish children have. We’ve hosted competitions before, usually these involve painting a picture or colouring in an image, and we’ve been blown away by the imagination demonstrated in these events. But we want to do something a little different.

You see, not everyone is artistic, but just because you may not be the best at drawing in the world, it doesn’t mean you aren’t creative. Words can paint a picture just as vivid as a paintbrush, and we are looking for children to paint a picture with words. That is to say, we’re hosting a short story competition.

The Legend of The Retriever who Jumped out of a Book!


We’re looking for children aged between 5 and 13 to send us a 500 word story that starts with this sentence;

My dog and I were stuck inside on lockdown, but little did we know…


Take that sentence, and let it bring you wherever your imagination wanders. We want adventure stories, funny stories, maybe even some scary stories, and if you include a message about responsible dog ownership…well let’s just say the judges are very partial to that theme and its never a bad idea to be strategic in a competition.


So, what are you waiting for? Get out your pencils or keyboards and start writing. We can’t wait to read your tall tales.

Send your stories to [email protected] by May 1st, along with your name, your age, and your school.

There will be three winners, One winner will be selected from the 5-8 age category, and one winner between the 9-13 category, and we will then have one overall winner.

**EDIT** We are also opening a new category for special schools. If you are a pupil of any age in a special school and would like to enter we would love to read your story. Don't worry too much about the word count. Great work isn't defined by its length.


The winning stories will be published on our blog, and will each receive a Dogs Trust school bag.

Write on…

Two of our competition judges getting prepared to read all your stories