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Dogs Trust’s Short Story Competition 2020-The 5-8 category Runner Ups

Wow. The education team have had a busy few weeks. We’ve hosted various competitions over the years-usually art related. And we’ve had some amazing entries and winners. But when the schools closed we thought we might host a different kind of competition. A competition that fell in line with the primary curriculum, so we hosted our first (because there certainly will be more) annual Dogs Trust Short Story Competition.

Piper loves checking out stories


We thought, hmmm perhaps we will get forty, or maybe even fifty entries. Nope. We ended up getting forty to fifty stories A DAY, and in the end we had well over 300 entries to get through.

The Rules were simple. Start your story with the line “My dog and I were stuck inside on lockdown, but little did we know…” and let your imagination do the rest.


We read them all in depth. And over the next three days we will blog about the experience of reading all these wonderful stories, and how we found our eventual winners.

But today, we are going to talk about the younger age category, the 5-8 year olds, and below are the two runners up.

We will post the winning story on Friday, but we felt these two stories deserved some limelight, as they are both fantastic stories by fantastic writers.


Our first runner up story is called A Magical Adventure with my Dog, and was written by James (8 years of age) who goes to Moynalvey National School in Meath. We loved the other worldliness of this story, and how it involves Corona virus, and smoothies. Enjoy


A Magical Adventure with my dog

My dog and I were stuck inside on lockdown but little did we know that we were about to have the adventure of a lifetime. So, before I begin, I will introduce you to my dog. She is a girl and her name is Jessie. She is a cross between a Collie and a Labrador. She plays GAA with me every day. Jessie catches the ball and she even tackles me. I even taught her a few tricks that no other dog I know can do. Jessie is really the cleverest dog I know. So now I will tell you how the story begins.

Jessie and I were walking down the field beside by house when we discovered a magical river. There were fairies, flowers, mushrooms and much more. Suddenly a raft appeared, and we went straight down the river. When we finally got to the end of it there was every type of dog in the world. They were even talking to each other. Jessie was too. Then I saw a big red sign that said ’Dogs University’. I was full of curiosity and excitement to explore inside the university. Suddenly a scientist jumped out at us. He asked us to follow him to his lab where he wanted to test something. When we got to the lab Jessie and I waited a few minutes while the scientist got a machine and tested it. He told us both not to move but we accidentally moved at the same time while he pressed the button on the machine. Suddenly I was barking like a dog and Jessie was talking like me OUR BRAINS were swapped over. It was amazing. I could understand what all the dogs were saying.

Then out of nowhere a medium sized dog appeared. It was a beautiful golden colour Labrador and it looked like Jessie. The dog jumped up and down. Her name was Lilly. She told me she had special powers, a way to cure the Coronavirus and to swap our brains back. She told us to follow her. We all ran out of the university back along the river, past the flowers, mushrooms and fairies until we had caught up with Lilly. Then Lilly jumped up and whispered in my ear what sounded like a smoothie recipe. There were fruit, vegetables and every healthy thing you could think of in it. Lilly told me to make it at home and tell my mom and dad it was going to save the world.

All of a sudden Jessie and I were back at home and we did not see Lilly or the Scientist ever again. Now I am known for saving the world from the Coronavirus. When I made the smoothie at home it swapped our brains back to normal. My recipe has become famous for curing the Coronavirus. I am called James the inventor of the Coronavirus smoothie.

The End



What a gorgeous story. And I hope it comes true a lovely healthy smoothie can get things back to normal for all of us. Well done James


Our second runner up story is called "Me, My Dog, and The Dog Wizard", and was written by Emilie (7) from Dun Laoghaire Educate Together. This one is a bit sinister and spooky, but also a tad funny.


 Me, my Dog and The Dog Wizard

My dog and I were stuck on lockdown, but little did we know that we were being spied on. One day, there was a strange knock at the door. I opened it. There, right in front of me was a person dressed like a wizard. He had a long flowing cape, decorated with dog treats, half-moon spectacles with chains made of doggie bones, and a blue pointy hat with the golden letters D.W.


He walked in and said, “I am the Dog Wizard, here to brighten your days.”


So we played and played and played until the day was done and then we said bye. With a click of his fingers and a blast of smoke, he was gone!


Then, my dog Ryan, picked up something shiny from the floor and walked over to me. He dropped it on to the floor in front of me and I picked it up. It was a ring with an evil pitch black face, with two shining eyes and a mouth. It had a ruby red band. Suddenly, it boomed “You are not the Dog Wizard. So you are not evil. You should not be holding this ring.” I realised then that the Dog Wizard was actually evil. So I planned a trap.


The next day he knocked on the door. I opened it again and he stepped in and wiped his feet on the doormat, but what he didn’t know was that there was a button that he accidentally pressed which made a cage fall right on him. The cage was made of lasers.


My dog Ryan went over to the table and kicked it with his hind legs so the phone fell onto the ground. Since he was trained he pressed the phone number of the police. He had a collar which turned his barks into words. Using that he phoned the police and told them all about the Dog Wizard. Then he ran down the street because the police had asked him to show them the way to our house.


The police arrived and took the Dog Wizard away for one hundred years.


But, what we didn’t know was that his boss and servants were still in their base, making a plan for the next time. Dum dum duuuuuuuum!


To be continued…..



Ohhhh…so will we get a sequel Emilie? I hope so. Well done.


And well done to all our entries. You didn’t make our job easy. Stay tuned to the blog to read the 9-13 runner ups…and our eventual winners (ahahaha, we’re making you wait, just like Emilie!)