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Be Dog Smart Week 2020

Today is the first day of our Be Dog Smart awareness week, a week where we promote safe interaction with dogs, particularly with children.

The past few weeks (or is it months?) have been a strange time for all of us, but us humans have the luxury of knowing why our schedules and routines have become topsy turvy. Our dogs don’t have that privilege, and while its probably fair to say that most of our dogs are only delighted to have us in the house more, many of them may also be feeling somewhat disorientated.

Your dog’s home used to be a tranquil abode for a few hours a day, but now it is buzzing with activity. And if your children are feeling a bit bored, they may want to play with the dog a bit more. While many dogs will love this, it is also very important to remember that dogs have feelings too, and they may want to be left alone.

So, our Be Dog Smart Week aims to spread our safety message, as well as offer some alternative activities for all the family to enjoy.


Nom Nom Nom

Dogs love to eat. While there might be the occasional dog that is a tad fussy, most dogs will love their grub, particularly dog treats. It is important however to leave them be while they eat. But….what about creating an enrichment feeder?

Enrichment is a tool animal carers use to stimulate animals. Enrichment can range from placing a little mirror in your budgie’s cage, to offering your cat a catnip toy.

There are dozens of enrichment toys you could make your dog, and in fact we’ve made a little video on how you can make one yourself which you can check out on our website. Just remember to leave the dog be while they are using it.



With all this activity happening in the home, your dog may want somewhere quiet to retreat. To sleep perhaps, but maybe just for some alone time. It is important that we all respect the dog when they do this and not approach them while they are here.

But…What about creating a unique doggy den?

Everyone loves a den, and your dog is no exception. So to celebrate Be Dog Smart Week we have created (and we’re fierce proud of this) a blueprint on how to construct your very own doggy den (well not YOUR own, your dog’s own). You can download the blueprint on our website, and with the help of an adult, the den can be built with household items. Make sure you pick a nice quiet area of the house to construct the den, and once your dog has claimed it, remember to leave them alone. This is now their private space.


Be Dog Smart Week

We’ve also made some videos on dog safety in the home and dog body language that you can also look at on the main website.

Phew. That is a lot of content. But don’t worry. We’ve got you sorted. We’ve created one more downloadable item that will tie all the above together. It is our Be Dog Smart fridge poster that you can also access (surprise surprise) on our website.

This fridge poster (which can be stuck up anywhere in the house-though we think the fridge probably is best) has daily, weekly and once off tasks for all the family to tick off and enjoy. These tasks include the activities mentioned above, but also have some other safety tips that we think all families should know. Oh, and the poster can be coloured and decorated by you.


Wow. We are really spoiling you this week, aren’t we?


Enjoy Be Dog Smart week, and remember, stay safe”