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Goodbye Maeve and Domhnall

It is a sad day today on the education team, as we say goodbye to not one, but two education officers, Maeve and Domhnall.


Back in March of 2019 (gosh a lot has happened since then, hasn’t it?) Maeve took over the education position in the South East.

Maeve, a primary school teacher, was able to bring her fluent Irish to the role, and was an amazing addition to the team. In the past twelve months she has helped create new resources for us, and was even on RTE, delivering our safety message on TV to thousands of children across the country.

And where Maeve went, her trusty sidekick Penny followed. Penny the Golden Retriever was the perfect education dog, always calm, gentle and happy to visit schools all across the South East.

Maeve will be back teaching in her old school in September, and Penny is back snoozing in her bed and enjoying the post-education dog life. We will miss them both


And then only a few weeks after Maeve and Penny joined the team, did we welcome Domhnall to our gang.

Domhnall was no stranger to us, as he had previously worked in Dogs Trust as a canine carer and volunteer co-ordinator. He took over the role of the South West Education Officer, and became a vital member of the team, bringing his expertise in all things Dogs Trust, be it dog behaviour, or the inner workings of how our charity runs.

Domhnall is still in the Dogs Trust family however, and the canine care team are lucky to have him back with them. We'll miss you Domhnall.


The past few weeks (or is it months?) have seen our roles have altered somewhat. Our lessons have gone online, and we’ve adapted to a lockdown world.

We’ve done some amazing things as a team since lockdown began, but a consequence of the quarantine means some of the team weren’t able to properly say goodbye to Maeve and Domhnall.

So todays blog post is a tribute.

To Maeve and Domhnall (and Penny)

Thank you for being a part of our team. You were both amazing, and you will both be missed, both by us, and by the thousands of children you have helped educate during your time with us.

Best of luck

The Education team