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Dog Friendly Ireland Day 2020



Happy Dog Friendly Ireland Day, a day where we encourage our little country to open up its doors to Dogs.

Be it public transport, your local café, and particulary, your place of work!

But wait. This year is a bit different isn’t it? The entire country (or indeed, the entire world) has become a different place. And many of us are working from home still. In that respect, for many of us, our dogs have been with us every day while we work. So this year our Dog Friendly ireland day has a slightly different approach, and you can read all about it on our main website

However, this is nothing new for the education team and our side kicks. The education dogs typically travel across the country with us as we visit schools and community centres delivering our workshops. Naturally Covid19 put paid to that practice (at least for the time being), and as we moved our education online (see our amazing website full of resources) our education dogs became home office companions.


We thought that in the spirit of #DogFriendlyIrelandDay we might have a catch up with the education dogs, and see how they’ve been spending their days since the schools closed.


Lets start with...


 Piper is Dawn’s education dog, and as a typical lurcher, she has always had a knack for long luxurious naps, even during her workshops.

Now that Dawn is working from home, Piper is enjoying her time slowly following the sunspots as they circle the house. Dawn likens her to Goldilocks. Some spots are too hot. Some spots aren’t hot enough. Piper is looking for the spot that is JUUUUUST RIIIIIGHT. Then she’ll do a down dog, A big yawn, and sleep until the sun moves again.

So yeah, she seems to be adjusting to post school life quite well.


And we can’t forget about…


Dawn’s other dog. Now in truth it has been a while since Odie retired from the Education life. But since his sister Piper stopped going to schools he now has his best buddy to himself all day long. Granted she sleeps a lot more than he does, so when Piper is resting Odie performs security detail, making sure sure that the social distancing rules are applied at all times.


So that’s the South West Education team, but if we move up to the midlands we can discuss...



Magic belongs to Paul, and is well known in her region for her extreme laziness. Yes, just like Piper, Magic is doing her bit to perpetuate the stereotype that lurchers like the quiet life.

Since the schools closed, Magic has spent her time wandering from her bed in the kitchen, to her bed in the sitting room, to her bed in the hall. Occaisionally she will nuzzle Paul at his desk looking for A) to be let out to go to the toilet, B) for a ball to be thrown for her or C) just a bit of affection, but generally she is enjoying her time off. Oh and she was delighted about something.

Paul built her a den for our Be Dog Smart week at the start of the month (you can build your own with our downloadable blueprints), which he left up for a few days. And Magic liked it. She liked it a lot. So much so that when Paul took it down a few days later, she kept going to the spot when it used to be and emitting the softest howl you’ve ever heard. So the den is back, Magic is delighted, and Paul now has two less kitchen chairs.


And then there is...


Ollie is a special case, because his owner Fiona is only recently back in her managerial role, therefore Ollie is only recently back in his role as education dog. But…due to the current situation, it might be another while before he is in a classroom.

That’s fine by him though, and he is currently loving his new job as big brother. He spends his time patrolling the house sniffing for oddities, and sleeping in his state-of-the-art bed beneath the stairs. Welcome back to the team Pal!


And finally we have...


 Lovely Lucy, the Dublin education dog. Lucy has been very busy since lockdown. She had lots of lovely walks on the nearby beach with her owner Audrey, our Dublin Officer. She also spent lots of time exploring the garden and smelling all the lovely flowers. She was a very good Manager, overseeing the clearing out of the car and keeping Audrey company in her home office each day.

Audrey even made enrichment toys for when Lucy got bored – her favourite one is food hidden in an eggbox. Her furry coat grew very long so she had to have a bath to keep nice and clean and a brush afterwards (see the thumbnail image for this blog post!). And of course there was lots of snoozing and snoring on the couch-Which is fast becoming a habit of all the education dogs.


So there you have it, our wonderful education dogs, each of them enjoying their lockdown time with their owners.

If you would like to find out more information about Dog Friendly Ireland Day you can check out our main website here.

Or you can tweet a picture of your dog at home with you using the hashtag #DogFriendlyirelandDay

We can’t wait to see all your dogs!