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It's the School Around the Corner just (but not quite) the Same!


Apparently, the summer is nearly over. Though 2020 has been such an odd year, between lockdown and the never-ending rain, its hard to even fathom that summer came in the first place.

 Is it summer? I hadn't noticed...


But while the “Back to School” signs in shops often fills kids with dread, I think its fair to say that most children will be glad to get back to their old routines after so long off.

I can say for certain that the Dogs Trust education team certainly are, as we haven’t done an in-class workshop since March.

Dawn and retired Education dog Odie in a classroom, remember those!!!


That doesn’t mean we haven’ been busy working mind. We’ve been very diligent preparing for the new term, creating new online workshops (more on this later), and busy curating our amazing new webpages, Creative Paws, Construction Paws and Clever Paws. These new extensions of our website have buckets of doggy activities for children of all ages. Make sure you check them out if you haven’t already!


But back to school-what have we got planned? Well, as you may know, the Dogs Trust Education team currently has five active Education and Community Officers that typically spend their days visiting primary schools, community centres and libraries across the country, spreading our message of responsible dog ownership and safety around dogs.


Dogs Trust have noticed a massive influx of interest in dog ownership since lockdown. As so many people are spending more time at home, and as more and more jobs are now accommodating remote working, it means that more families are compatible with dog ownership. This is fantastic news…as long as all these families realise the amount of work and commitment it takes to welcome a dog into their lives.

That is where we come in. Because of the increase in dog ownership, our message is more important than ever. Also, with families spending more time at home, that means more time with the dog, so our message of safety is also more relevant than ever.

So…our plan.

How to spread our message of safety, safely!


We are gearing to get on the road again and start visiting schools. But we recognise that due to Covid19, things will have to be done differently.

We’re a flexible team, and are willing to accommodate any conditions and restrictions schools wish to put in place.

Weather permitting, we anticipate many of our workshops taking place outside in the school yard,

or perhaps in the school hall, with lots of distance between our education officers and the children. We’ll be wearing visors for the duration of the visit, and we’ll be happy to take our lunch break in our cars, so we won’t need to join the staff in the staff room.

Aoife doing a workshop in a library, remember those!!!

If, however you feel you’d prefer to wait a little before booking our workshops, don’t feel that is the only way our messages can be transferred. We’ve designed three interactive workshops, each one tying in with one of the core subjects in the curriculum, that will soon be accessible on our website. Watch this space!

Also, we will be happy to conduct workshops via zoom, if this is something that your class would prefer.


So…what to do if you want to book a workshop?


Head to our Meet the team page, and contact your local officer. Although we can’t physically visit every school across the country, our online workshops and resources are available no matter where your school is located!



Stay safe friends