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A Reintroduction to the Education Team

In last week’s blog post we caught our readers up on the Dogs Trust Education team’s plans for going back to schools.

The work is still ongoing, and bookings are starting to come in.

But its been such a strange six months, and our team has had a few changes, so we thought that we might take the chance to reintroduce ourselves to the world. 

Our five active education officers have all been on the team for a few years now, and each of us have carved out our niches, and have our own areas of expertise that we bring to the team.

So here we are,

The Dogs Trust Education team



Audrey joined the Education team in 2016 as our second Dublin officer. When she joined, Fiona (our manager-more on Fiona later) was very much in demand, with Dublin bookings coming in left, right and centre.

We realised that a second officer in this area was needed, and Audrey came to the rescue. Although Fiona still does workshops, her managerial duties keep her very busy, so Audrey takes care of most of the current Dublin (and surrounding counties) bookings, which, as you can imagine, keeps her extremely busy.

Audrey is a qualified secondary school teacher, and has spent time teaching abroad, but although she loves teaching kids, her real passion is dogs, so she jumped at the chance to join the team.

Audrey is our primary tour operator as well, so if you’ve had a tour of the rehoming centre, chances are Audrey has conducted it.



Aoife joined our gang in 2016, and became our Clare and South Connacht Education and Community Officer.

Aoife is the Gaeilgeoir of the gang, and is fierce popular for her ability to conduct our workshops in both English and Irish. Aoife has translated all of our resources as well, and has even done workshops on the Aran Islands (which you can read about here).

Aoife is currently working on other projects for Dogs Trust, so this part of Ireland will be temporarily without an officer, but don’t worry. It won’t be long before our Irish Wizz is back in the west doing what she does best. And until then, our website is full of online options. Keep on reading for details on this...



The only lad on the team since Domhnall left earlier this year, Paul joined the team in 2016 (what a busy year that was) as the first Education and Community Officer in the midlands.

Paul spent his first few years establishing this region and now covers parts of eight counties (potentially reaching nine later this year-keep your eyes peeled for news on this.)

When he isn’t doing workshops in schools, Paul tends to the website, and updates this very blog. In fact, at this very second, he is writing it, referring to himself in the third person! How meta!



Dawn joined the education team in 2014 and was initially hired as our Connacht Officer. However she soon travelled south, and can now be found teaching our workshops in South West Munster.

As our Senior Education and Community Officer, Dawn knows everything there is to know about how our education team runs. She is a bit of a tech wizz, so we run most of our IT issues in her direction, and she also has an arty eye, so all our event posters, website art etc is designed by Dawn (gosh we’re a talented bunch aren’t we?)

Dawn is also a qualified secondary school teacher, but despite her talents at teaching science, she knows that Dogs Trust is where she truly belongs.



And last, but certainly not least is Fiona, our Education and Community manager. Fiona is the longest serving member of our team, joining way back in 2011.

Fiona is the glue that keeps us all together, and although she does still do workshops, her other duties keep her mega busy. On any given day Fiona could be…organising training, meeting with other Dogs Trust managers, overseeing new workshops/education projects, liaising with the UK Education team, planning for future education campaigns, planning for future education events, planning for future education projects….etc etc. You get the picture. So yes, Fiona is a good multi-tasker.


And that is it, the current active members of our education team, or should I say, the current HUMAN members of the education team, but to be fair, we cover the education dogs a lot on this blog. We thought it was only fair we gave the humans some limelight too.


If you would like a booking with your local officer, head to our “Meet the Team” page, and contact us. Although we can't physically visit every school in the country, we can do workshops via zoom, and we have designed three interactive workshops that will soon be accessible via our website-Watch this Space! We also have plenty of Resources on our website for children and classes of all levels.

We’re gearing to get back into our workshops across the country. We hope to see you soon.