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Well, we’re halfway through September already, and children all across the country are getting used to the new normal.

And its not just children that have adapted. Teachers, parents and guardians all over Ireland (and indeed the world) have changed the way education is transferred.

And that includes the Dogs Trust Education team.


Our in-person workshops now involve visors/facemasks, and are socially distanced to ensure we, and everyone we teach, remain safe. Along with our own strict protocols, we also adhere to any additional school policies that may be required.


We still do visit schools in person (see our last blog post on the details for in-person workshops and how to book one). however we recognise that this may not be possible with every school, so we have adapted to allow for remote learning.

Zoom has been a saving grace for all of us, and the education team have converted all our workshops so they are now zoom compatible-we have also implemented strict safeguarding and security protocols in this shift to make sure our lessons are safe and secure. Although it is always nice to actually visit schools and deliver the workshops in person, when this is not possible, we can zoom from our offices directly into your classroom. We weren’t entirely sure if this would be successful, but a few workshops in, and we’ve had fantastic feedback from the schools we’ve zoomed, telling us how much their children enjoyed-and learned, from our workshops.

 Fruit of the Zoom (workshops)

Another advantage with the zoom workshops is that, even if your school is outside the zone of our Education and Community Officers, with zoom, geography is no longer a barrier, and as long as you have internet, you can book a workshop with us.


If you want to book a zoom workshop, you can contact your local education officer here.


And…we have something else up our sleeve to offer.


We recognise that not everyone will feel comfortable or will have the time to schedule a live workshop, so we've created a brand-new workshop for either classroom or home use, that you can download and present to your kids. When we say present, we just mean, press enter, because this interactive lesson (which also involves a worksheet) runs by itself.

The lesson is called “History of Dogs, A Dogs Trust English lesson”, and is a reading lesson pitched at children from 3rd class up, though to be honest, anyone who likes dogs will enjoy it.

The Colosseum was only Mastif!


In this workshop, we combined our messages of responsible dog ownership, with an English reading lesson, tying in with the primary school English and History curriculum. The lesson covers mankind’s history with dogs from caveman times, to ancient Egypt, the Vikings to modern day Inuits.

This lesson (which is available for free thank you very much), can be downloaded on our Clever Paws Page.

And if you like it (and why wouldn’t you) keep your eye on that page. We’ve a few more lessons in the pipeline that will be available for download very soon.


So, there you have it. In-person workshops, zoom workshops and downloadable workshops. We have you sorted!