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Lily & Benjie

We receive lots of mail from children all over the country, but we recently received this lovely short story.

The author, who we'll just call A is 10 years old and is a student from Raheen Wood Community National School in Clare, and his teacher told us that he just adores his dog Lily.


We were so charmed by A’s story, that we decided to share it with you all on our blog.


Well done


Lily and Benjie

Once upon a time there was a dog called Lily. Her owner Alexander was taking her for a walk.  They bumped into Norma walking her dog, Benjie. They let Lily and Benjie off their leads. Lily said


Benjie said


Benjie was an Irish dog. Lily was an African dog. Benjie said

-Would you like to have a playdate?


Lily said.

They toddled down the road to Benjie’s house. They played tennis and baked delicious reindeer and dog shaped cookies. Benjie put on the kettle for a cuppa. They ate everything.

Lily was wearing a superhero pyjamas. Benjie was wearing Nike Aire runners, adidas trousers and a Nike top with a Puma peak cap.

Benjie went on Benjie’s motorbike and Lily jumped on her bicycle.

-Ring ring

Went Lilly’s bell. The bicycle was squeaky. They arrived at Lilly’s house.

Benjie said

-I am tired

-Me too

Said Lilly

-Lets have a sleepover


They made a bed. Then Lilly went downstairs and made his bed. They heard rustling. Tins were smashing everywhere. Bottles were falling. They could hear scraping. Benjie darted into Lilly’s room and jumped onto her bed.

-Did you hear that?

-Yes, I did

 -Let’s go downstairs and play commandos. I’ll get our camouflage.

They got dressed up. Water guns at the ready, their eyes were covered in ink strips.

-I can’t see said Benjie

He toddled over to Lilly.

-Wass a

Benjie said.

-Gerroff geroff

Lilly cried

They fell down the stairs.

-Rumble tumbe weeee

They screamed. Then Benjie by an accident did a wee because he was so scared.

-That’s alright said Lily.

-Ill clean that up later

Benjie laughed

-This is just like ghost busters.

There was a green thing in the kitchen. He was five inches tall. He was watching TV. He was scoffing his mouth with peanut butter. He had slime dripping off his nose and he was farting all over Lily’s sofa

-So that is what that smell was

Lilly said

-There is an imp living in my sofa.

Benjie put on his military helmet and his military shield.

Benjie yapped and barked.


The imp turned around in horror. Then Benjie zoomed at the elf squirting his water gun but Benjie ran straight into the sofa.


He was all dizzy because he ran in so hard. The elf jumped up,

-What is the meaning of this?

He had a French accent.

Benjie zoomed upstairs, grabbed a teddy and zoomed back downstairs and he started hitting the elf with the teddy. It squeaked up and down. Squeak squeak bonk, squeak, squeak, bonk.

-Ow ouch right in the face, ow hit me right in the schnazz,

The elf bellowed. He flapped his wings and took off.

He started smashing glasses everywhere. Then he clapped his hands.

-I shall summon my army.

Pieces of paper rose up into the air. The tins arms grew arms and legs. The bin started chomping at them.

-What shall we do?

Lily asked

- Doggie Power said Benjie

They squirted everything with the water guns. Soon all the imps had puffed into smoke. They had sprayed them with their water guns.


Lily caught the imp in the glass jar, slid a piece of paper under him and put him in the recycling bin. Then she put a padlock on it.

-Now let’s go to sleep.

But it was too late. It was morning time. The door opened. Norma and Erin were back, followed by Alexander.

-There you two are

They said.

-Time goes past quickly these days.