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Feliz Navidog

Last Christmas, we gave you a part(y),

But the very next year, we couldn’t be near.

Next time, when Covid’s declined,

We'll get to do something special!!!



That’s right guys. 2020, is the first Christmas in a long long time, that we won’t be running our annual Santa Paws event. I’m sure by now, people didn’t expect it to run, but it still feels sad to officially state this.

But no matter, we’re sure 2021 is going be a comeback, and hey, who doesn’t love a comeback?


We’ve had a funny old year. The education team haven’t all been together since waaaaaaay back  in February, when we hosted our Valentine’s event, Puppy Love. And when the schools closed, we went virtual.

We brought our lessons right into your house via zoom, and our downloadable workshops.

We expanded our website to include Construction Paws, Creative Paws and Clever Paws, (check them out if you haven’t already) and we expanded our repitoire, so we can now deliver workshops to secondary schools (more on this in January!)


So you can see, we’ve been a busy bunch throughout both lockdowns.

But now that Christmas is here, we have that peculiar feeling that something is missing, like we’ve forgotten something, but can’t quite put our fingers on what.

Dachshunding Through the Snow


That’s because Santa Paws is such an ingrained part of our December that it feels strange to celebrate Christmas without it. Of course, we have to remember the reason we created Santa Paws in the first place.

Yes it is always amazing fun, and yes, it is fantastic for all the children to meet Santa Paws, and to make the dogs in our centre their Christmas stockings (don’t worry, they still get their Christmas presents).

But the main reason we created Santa Paws was to share our message of safety. Christmas is a wonderful time, but it can be a precarious time for dogs. Santa Paws was our way of sending a message of safety, wrapped up in a fun Christmasy event. And while Covid means we can’t host events at the moment, it doesn’t mean dog safety is no longer important.

So, the education team banged our heads together. How to get this safety message across without Santa Paws? And thus; Our Downloadable Christmas workshop was created.

This workshop can be downloaded for FREE right now. And unlike Santa Paws tickets, these workshops are infinite.

Visit our online workshop page, and download this wonderful resource whenever you like. You can do it in your classroom, or at home with your family.

Dog Bless Us, Everyone!


And so, we say goodbye. The Dogs Trust Education team wishes all ou readers, visitors, and schools a safe and happy Christmas. We look forward to seeing much more of you in 2021.