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The Dogs Trust Short Story Competition 2021

Last April, something a little bit special happened on the education team. We hosted our first Short Story Competition and, well, we expected to get a good few entries, but we were completely overwhelmed by the interest.

In the end we received over 300 stories from all over the county.


So, knowing that there is such a big demand for this type of competition, it seemed only natural that we would host another.

So, we are proud to announce, our second ever

“Dogs Trust Short Story Competition 2021”

So, lets have a quick overview of what we’re looking for...


Lucy's favourite stories are a receipe for trouble


We’ve all had a tough year haven’t we? In writing this blog post, we looked back on last years Short Story announcement, and it was all about how hard its been that we haven’t seen our friends in weeks. WEEKS! Its nearly a year later and we’re still in lockdown. However, we choose to look on the bright side. Times of turmoil lead to amazing art and creativity, and if last year, only a few weeks of lockdown led to such amazing stories, imagine what an entire year of dealing with Covid will do?

Not everyone is artistic, and can draw, but that doesn’t mean a lack of creativity. Words can make just as vivid a picture as paint. So, lets channel all the hard times we’ve faced, and put it into something positive.

Magic likes stories with adventures, happy endings, and anything that covers the political, social and economic challenges of the Soviat Union in the 1950s



I know, I know, we’ve just talked about releasing your creativity, and now here we are putting restrictions in place, like there hasn’t been enough of that already. But, if we want to make the competition fair, we’re going to have to set some boundaries.


So, here they are;

  • There are three categories for our competition, one for five to eight year olds, one for nine to thirteen year olds, and one for special schools.
  • The word limit is 500 words. That means, if it is over 500 words, it won’t be eligible to win. We love that you want to keep on writing, and you should! But to be in with a chance to win, the story has to be 500 words or shorter. 
  • Stories must be typed. Gosh we’re mean, aren’t we? If you find it hard to type, ask an adult to help you. We won’t be able to accept stories that are written in pencil or pen. They must be typed and emailed to us in a word document. Of course, if you want to include some images that you’ve drawn, that would be ok. It is only a writing competition, and the drawings won’t give you an advantage, but it will help brighten our day it couldn’t hurt, right? 
  • Stories must be in English, Tá Born Orainn!

 Socks loves stories with a begining, a middle and a friend


As regards theme, well, we really don’t mind. Last year the stories all had to start with “My dog and I were stuck inside on lockdown, but little did we know…”


This year, we’re all sick of lockdown, so instead, your stories must start with the sentence


Finally Lockdown was over, so myself and my dog…"


After that sentence, the rest is yours. We love funny stories, exciting stories, weird stories, even sad stories. Honestly, we don’t mind, though we are partial to anything involving a bit of “responsible dog ownership or dog safety, and its never a bad idea to be strategic with these things.

So, there we have it.

Odie heard this book was full of dog ears, but he's nearly finished it, and the story hasn't mentioned them once!


Send in your entries to [email protected] before the closing date April 30th, and put "Short Stort Competition, the name of the child, and age of child" in the subject line. 

And as for the grand prize? Well, the writers of the top stories in each category will be in with a chance of winning their very own Dogs Trust Hoodie, and there will be some other Dogs Trust goodies for the runner ups. The results will be posted on this blog when we have our winner.


Best of luck writers. We just can't wait to see what you come up with...


Piper can't wait to get her teeth into this book