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The Heather Channel

We’re delighted to welcome back our South East Education and Community Officer Heather to the team.

Heather will be back visiting schools, libraries and community centres in her district, which includes counties Wexford, Carlow, Waterford, Kilkenny and Tipperary as well as parts of Wicklow. And Heather may not be coming back alone. Both Ted and Jack, her beautiful dogs will likely be going back to their education dog roles too in the coming months.


We thought we’d give them all a spot on our blog, to reintroduce them to the South East


Heather, welcome back. We missed you, did you miss us?

I have missed Dogs Trust so so much! I am delighted to be back traveling around and educating the South East again. Things are a little different since I left because we are now doing some of our workshops online. I think online workshops are a great idea. Not only can we still do workshops when its safer to stay home but now schools that are too far away for me to travel to can take part  online.

Faithful readers of the blog will know you well, but for any new readers we’ve collected in the last year or so, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Well, my name is Heather and I am from Tipperary. I have 2 dogs (Ted and Jack), a cat (Sweetcorn) and some tropical fish. I started working with Dogs Trust in 2016 and have enjoyed every day of it.

That's mad, Ted

What part of your role as Education and Community Officer are you most looking forward to getting back to?

Getting back to schools! I have missed presenting workshops, meeting students and travelling around the South East

And has anything changed in your absence?

Since I have been away, I have been busy! I had a baby boy and we named him Conor. Ted, Jack and Sweetcorn are now big brothers. They do a really good job too. It was a big change for all of them, but we put in lots of work before Conor was born to help them get ready. We used the Be Dogs Smart tips for getting your dog ready for a new baby and it was very helpful.

In regards Dogs Trust, we now visit secondary schools which is a new venture for us. I’m really looking forward to this new direction.



Ted and Jack will hopefully be re-joining you on your travels, can you tell us a bit about both of them?

Ted is 7 years old. He’s a cross breed of a Pomeranian and a Yorkshire terrier. He’s a lovely boy and enjoys walks, sleeping and treats. I adopted Ted from an animal rescue when he was a puppy.

Jack is 4 years old, He’s cross breed of a golden retriever and a collie. He’s my big baby. He loves swimming and tennis balls. I adopted Jack from Dogs Trust when he was a puppy

Return of the Jack

Do you find they have different styles in regards their education dog role? Is one more active? One more snoozy?

Ted’s favourite thing to do while we are in school is look for crumbs! Whether we are in the classroom, corridor or the staff room, Ted will have his nose down sniffing looking for tidbits. There are days when Ted doesn’t want to go to school and that’s ok, he stays at home in bed cuddled up until I come home, and we go for a walk.

When Jack is in school his favourite thing to do is sniff people, he loves to give people a good sniff when he meets them. He’s able to find out lots about you when he sniffs you. He can tell what you had for breakfast, and he can even tell if you have pets at home! Pretty cool right? Jack loves going to schools, he would go to schools on Saturdays and Sundays if he could.


Thanks Heather.

If you are based in the South East, and would like Heather to deliver a workshop in your school (be it Primary or Secondary, In Person or Online) you can email Heather at [email protected]