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Our Lovely Artwork

There are occasional perks to being an Education and Community Officer. 

We get to travel to schools across the country. We meet lots of children and spread our message of dog safety. And from Monday to Friday, we spend most of our time chatting about dogs. Pretty great huh?


But one of our favourite things, is when we have a particularly special bond with a school, and a few weeks later, that school sends us artwork, showcasing all that they learned. 


Last month our Dublin Education and Community Officer Audrey visited Citywest and Saggart Community school, and Ms Whelan's very talented class took action to create a series of posters to promote our safety message. We were so taken by the posters that we thought it only right that we display the posters on our blog. 

Thank you so much. We love them.

If your school had a recent visit with us, why not send us some artwork of your own, and perhaps your classes' work will get posted here too. 

And if you haven't had a visit recently, then why no get in touch and book a workshop with your local Education and Community Officer.

We can't wait to see what you come up with.