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Be Dog Safe Week

We’ve had a busy week on the Education team promoting our Be Dog Safe week.

As regular readers of the blog will know, we have a long running campaign called Be Dog Smart, which aims to promote safe interaction between humans and dogs. Since this campaign launched, way back in 2016, we have hosted thousands of safety workshops across the country, spoken at various fairs and conventions-most notably the RDS baby fair where we advised on how to prepare a dog for the arrival of a new baby, and we’ve even had a few cartoon mascots to help us along the way.

A certain Captain Canine and a dashing David Attenbarker


Be Dog Safe week is slightly different though.

Most of our safety education to date has focused on children. Even our workshops for an adult audience has put safety of children around dogs as our priority. This is hugely important, however in 2020, there were 320 people hospitalized for dog bites in Ireland, and of that number, 64% of them were over the age of 20.*

We also conducted a survey, and only 41% of adults were able to spot a dog exhibiting apprehensive body language.*

Clearly these results highlight that dog safety is not just for children, and that we all need to be aware of dog safety. Hence; Be Dog Safe week, a week where we promote dog safety for everyone.

We have launched a brand new animation which highlights the notion of trigger stacking and certain signs to look out for that may indicate when a dog is feeling stressed. We could talk about them here, but wouldn’t it be easier just to link you with the animation?

 We are also hosting a dog safety talk on Friday, May 6th which is free. All you need to is register for a ticket which you can do here.


The week has been very successful and we’ve received lots of help. The wonderful Des Bishop helped us out to promote the event, stating that “Being safe around dogs in no joke”


...and we even got a slot on RTE news.



Help us spread the news wide by sharing our lovely new animation and spreading the word around to #BeDogSafe



*These figures were provided by the Healthcare Pricing Office, HSE via (Hospital In-Patient Enquiry). HIPE does not include patients attending the Emergency Department (ED), it only includes those attending ED that are subsequently admitted to hospital.

Dogs Trust carried out an online survey of 1,140 people asking if they would pet a dog who was lying on her side with her tail tucked and paw lifted stiffly, exposing her stomach area.

46% said they would pet the dog. 41% said they would not and 12% were not sure.

When presented with three images of dogs looking uncomfortable with human interactions, only 41% spotted all three.