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But are YOU a good owner?

Often we refer to our dogs being “a good boy/girl”, but what about you? Are you a good dog owner? One that your dog would boast about to his pooch-pals? Here are a few cues that might indicate you are indeed a brilliant companion for your canine!


  • Giving them mental exercise as well as physical. Do you stimulate your dog with new and fun games and activities? Like us, dogs become bored of monotony, so keeping things fun and fresh for them is terrific! It doesn’t even have to cost anything; teach them a new trick, play hide and seek, play tug-o-war, the ideas are endless.


  • Bringing them to new places. Like us, dogs love exploring and sniffing new places and spaces, but this doesn’t mean you have to take the day off, load up the car and trek away for hours. Even switching up the regular route a little bit keeps things fun, fresh and exciting for your dog.


  • Giving your dog your undivided attention. Sure, it’s fun to meet up with your friends for a chinwag but make sure that sometimes you spend quality one-on-one time with your pooch-pal too!


  • Inspecting them fully. While giving your pet a rub, why not take this time to give them a full once-over? Check their fur, skin, nails, ears etc, just to make sure all is tip-top! And of course if anything piques concern, bring them to the vet.


  • Occasionally checking your dog’s microchip information to make sure it’s all still up to date and accurate. Or, if they are not microchipped, make that appointment to get it done! It costs between €20 and €50, is relatively painless and it’s been the law since 2016.


So there you have it, a few ways you can be a really good dog owner! How did you fare out?