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Aoife, A Chara...

As IF January isn’t tough enough without also bidding adieu to our colleague, Aoife.


Waaaay back in 2016, Aoife joined our team as our Galway and Connacht Education and Community Officer. Aoife’s experience with dogs and her skill in delivering workshops made her the perfect fit for our team. Her knowledge of the Irish language was also a colossal benefit, as many schools in this district are in the Gaeltacht, and with Aoife on board, we could now deliver our workshops in both English and Irish.

One of the highlights of Aoife’s time on the team was when she hopped on the ferry to deliver our workshops to various schools on the Aran islands. You can read about these adventures in more detail here.

Dog Safety is NOT just for mainlanders!


Aoife has presented our workshops to countess children and adults, not just in her region, but sometimes in Dublin, Wicklow, and once even in Manchester!

Always an asset in a brainstorm, there was never anyone as creative or enthusiastic with new projects. Aoife helped create many aspects of our events in the rehoming centre in Finglas, and when it came to arts and crafts, she was our Queen.


We will miss you terribly Aoife. Not just the other members of the Education team, but all your colleagues in wider Dogs Trust, and all the children in your district. We wish you all the best for the future.

Slán agus beannacht