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Meet Ruth, Our newest Education and Community Officer for the Galway and Connacht region

The education team are delighted to welcome a brand new team member, Ruth Fagan!

Ruth and her current education dog called...well, we'll fill in the blank for this at a later date


Ruth will be covering Galway and South Connaught, visiting schools, libraries and communities in her area covering the Dogs Trust message of Safety Around Dogs. We thought you might get to know Ruth a little, so we asked her a few questions for our blog!



Hello Ruth. You’re very welcome to the team. Which counties will you be visiting for your workshops?

Oh gosh, Connaught is a big region. I’ll be visiting Galway and Clare and some of Mayo. I’m so excited to get out on the road and start visiting all my local schools.


Do you have a dog? And if so, will they be joining the education team too, and coming to schools with you? 

Yes indeed, I adopted a Lurcher pup last year; Max, who is just such a gorgeous addition to our family. He’s a fantastic fella but will not be joining me on my visits to schools as he’s not quite ready yet and needs some more training through his puppyhood.  So, for now Max is best left at home and I’ll show him off with some very cute photos!

 Max is hoping to win the world record for the dog with the world's longest legs



What’s your favourite breeds of dog?

I’m a sucker for a sighthound. I’ve always loved them and find their presence so graceful and calming to be around as well as being super chilled in the family space- not to mention their hilarious poses and zoomie antics! Best pets ever and so often sadly neglected in this country. I also love a scruffy border terrier…loads of personality and so cute!


What made you want to join the Dogs Trust Education team?

Well two of my big passions in life are Education and Dogs… Bingo! I’ve worked in the community sector for over 20 years and I hold a strong belief that knowledge is power when it comes to education at a local level. I’ve always enjoyed any form of outreach and education in the community and it’s a really energetic space to work in. And, of course particularly since becoming a recent dog owner and adopting our Max, I’ve learned a whole lot, not just about my dog but about my community too…so it really did feel like a good fit for me and a space where I could offer both my skills and my passion.


Mighty Max


What are you most looking forward to as an education and community officer?

Ah I love the kiddies! Especially the wee smallies. It’s gorgeous to walk into a school and see their eyes light up when you come in with your teddy dog…who by the way I still haven’t named..but we’re getting close! I’m really impressed with young people in general today, I know there can be a lot of negatively out there, but I really believe in our kids, they’re advancing at a such a fast pace and to play a part in enabling their overall development and attitudes is something I hold with a sense of gratitude and appreciation in my work. I love working creatively too so I’m hoping to get the old creative juices flowing as it’s an exciting time for us!


How have you found the job so far?

So far so Good! I’ve a fantastic team, and despite the fact that we are all remote I feel connected to everyone which was a brilliant starting point I must say. Everyone is super supportive which makes learning the ropes not so daunting! I delivered my first workshop in West Clare which was great, and it was really good to get out on the road. It’s a busy week on the job but time flies when you’re having fun!



Thank you, Ruth. You're going to do great work in your district.

If you are based in Galway/South Connaught, and you'd like to book Ruth for a workshop, you can contact her at [email protected]