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Clever Paws

Hey you clever pups and kids. It’s time to get quizzical.

Do you know how to be a responsible dog owner? Do you know all about being safe around dogs? We created this page for the brainboxes out there. Not that you need to be Einstein to enjoy this page, but if your love to learn (particularly about dogs), you’re in the right place.

Maths Lesson- Weight

Maths is everywhere! Sure, you might only think of it as being a subject in school, but actually we use it all the time - and being a responsible dog owner means using it everyday! How much money will we need to spend on our dogs, how long should we walk them, how much rest do they need? These are all questions that we can answer using maths!

A big way in which dog owners use math is working out how much our dogs should eat everyday in order to keep them healthy. There are lots of things to take into consideration, such as our dog's size and how active they are! Our mini maths lesson, which you can download here, is all about working out how much some of our Mighty Madraí would need to be fed each day depending on their size and activity- and finding out about some of the things our dogs should definitely not be eating (in any quantity)!  

So to sum it all up; a maths pro equals a happy dog, which is a plus in our eyes


History Of Dogs

Did you guys know that Dogs Trust has been around for over 100 years? Although that might sound like a long time, in relation to the entire history of dogs, its only a fraction. In fact humans' relationship with dogs began thousands of years ago, and makes for a fascinating story. So fascinating in fact, that we've created an English digital lesson all about it. From caveman times, to ancient Egypt, this interactive workshop explores our timeless friendship, and is perfect for primary school kids from 3rd-6th class. You can download our workshop here, so what are you waiting for? Time to go bark to the future

Staying Safe with RTE's Home School Hub

Remember that dogs, just like humans can get very tired. Make sure to give your dog plenty of rest when they play, and they always should have access to water.



Make sure that the you know the person walking the dog before permission. Never speak to strangers.

Body language can give us clues to have a dog is feeling, but you can never be sure, so make sure you are with an adult before interacting with a dog.

Dogs love Enrichment. Check out our Constructive Paws page to find out how you can make your own Enrichment Box.


We have also designed a Fridge Poster that you can download from the bottom of this page. This poster will help you keep track of different ways you can take care of your dog, such as building the doggy den from the blueprints on our Construction Paws page, and feeding/playing with your dog.

After asking permission from an adult, you can print the poster, decorate it, and send us a photo at [email protected]