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Creative Paws

Welcome to Creative Paws. This page is our imagination station, our painting palace, our poetry parlour, our literary lounge.

We created (because we’re pretty creative ourselves) this webpage where innovative types can funnel their inventive energy into one of our doggy projects, and we particularly love projects with an emphasis on responsible dog ownership, and how to be safe around dogs.


For example, this poem was written by the 1st class students of Clifferna NS in Cavan. Isn’t it fabulous? Our Mighty Madraí make wonderful muses, and we would love to see what sonnets they might inspire.


So if you feel like writing an Ode to Odie, or a Limerick on Lucy, send it in to [email protected] we’d love to read it, and who knows, it might find its way onto our website…

 But perhaps you paint, not with words, but with the traditional materials. You’re more into aesthetic creativity. Well we love your creative energy just as much. You can sketch a drawing of one of our dogs (or indeed your own?) to share? In fact, we received these stunning sketches of Odie and Piper from an anonymous artist a few weeks ago. Aren't they fantastic?


We also recently recieved a big envelope full of gorgeous posters. These posters were made by the 5th class student at Citywest and Saggart Community school, and we were so bowled away.


We were so impressed with these lovely pieces of art, that we decided to dedicate an entire Blog post to them. You can check the post out here and see the rest of the posters the talents students sent to us.


If you’re more into colouring than drawing we have you sorted. You can download our Mighty Madraí colouring sheets from the main Kid's Space page, and put your own stamp of colour to them. Email them to [email protected]

We can’t wait to see the results!

Cloth Puppies

Feeling crafty? Feeling like you'd like a puppy, but not all the responsibility that comes with them? Why not make your own cloth puppy? Follow the instructions in the video below, and when you're finished, you can download the puppy adoption cert from the bottom of the page and fill in your pups details. Hours of fun! We'd love to see pics of your pups, so ask an adult to take a photo of your pup and post it to our Facebook wall!