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D.O.B: 13/06/2011

Breed: King Charles Spaniel

Likes: Walks, chasing leaves, sleeping and dinner time! 

Dislikes: The rain, cats and going to the vet.

Family: Audrey, Barry, Finn & Grace

Story: After much research on the type of dog that would suit their family most, Audrey got Lucy from a responsible and reputable breeder. She visited the family first to see Lucy's mum and dad, where she got to meet Lucy's brother and sister also, as well as see where they were sleeping, playing and living! Lucy was the quietest of the puppies and Audrey fell in love with her. When Lucy was 10 weeks old she came to Audrey's home and at first missed being around her mum, but Audrey and her family took turns in sleeping close to Lucy the first few days to help her settle, and she soon settled in. 

Lucy loves to go out on walks around the neighbourhood, making sure everything is as it should be! Except when it's raining, in which case Lucy loves to stay in her bed. On her walks Lucy loves to hunt down leaves, and proudly carries her collection home! 

Being part of The Mighty Madraí, Lucy loves going to schools to teach the children all about being safe around dogs, and how to meet dogs safely when they are with their owner. She loves it when children ask Audrey before they pet her, and she always sniffs their safe hand before they give her gentle rubs! Audrey and her family wouldn't change Lucy for the world, but now that Lucy works for Dogs Trust, they love to advocate the 'Adopt don't Shop' message! To find out more about Lucy-watch her video!