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D.O.B: November 2010

Breed: Greyhound cross (aka lurcher)

Likes: Chasing tennis balls, sleeping by the radiator, and short chilled out walks.

Dislikes: Next door's ginger cat!  

Family: Paul & Conor

Story: Magic was born into a little of 10 puppies, and her owner realised that although he was able to care for 1 dog, he wasn't able to care for 10 more. Magic and her brothers and sisters were brought to a rescue to help them find homes. At the time Magic was called Snoopy and Paul was one of her carers. All the other puppies were super excitable, but all Magic wanted to do was sit in Paul's lap- that's when he decided that he wanted to adopt her. He called her Magic as she was born around Halloween! 

Like most adult greyhounds and lurchers, Magic is a fairly lazy girl. Although she does love to chase tennis balls she tires quickly and so she loves to just amble about on her walks.  Magic is not a fan of the neighbours cat and likes to make sure that her garden is cat-free at all times! 

Since joining The Mighty Madraí when she was 5, Magic has helped teach hundreds of children about Responsible Dog Ownership, particularly the need to neuter our dogs so that we don't end up with lots of dogs that we can't look after.

To find out more about Magic, watch her video below!