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D.O.B: 12/08/2014

Breed: Collie/Yorkie/Golden retriever cross (aka a mongrel!)

Likes: Playing with other dogs, learning new tricks, long walks,  stealing slippers, squeaky toys, and food!

Dislikes: Cats & bath time. 

Family: Dawn & Piper

Story: Odie was a gift for the children of his 1st family, they got him as a puppy and called him Biggie. He soon started to grow much bigger than they thought he would and chewing things they didn't want him to, as all puppies do . The family decided they didn't have the space for him, or the time to train him, so they surrendered him to a rescue. Dawn adopted Odie when he was 7 months old and it was clear from the start that he was a super smart dog! He loves learning new things and now knows lots of tricks. 

Odie is a very active dog and so needs lots of physical and mental stimulation. He loves going on long hikes at the weekend and enjoys exploring new places with Dawn. When he's not out and about he loves to look out the window to keep an eye on the neighbourhood! 

As a member of The  Mighty  Madraí, Odie loves that he gets to help teach people about how important it is to make sure that they think about all the things a dog needs to be healthy and happy BEFORE they get a dog, and making sure that they get the right kind of dog for them! To find out more about Odie- watch his video!