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Secondary Schools

We are delighted to announce that we now visit secondary schools and have a brand-new ethics workshop to deliver to second level students across the country.

Since our inception, we’ve mainly focused on primary schools and community groups. Our eye has been on secondary schools since the beginning, but until now, we didn’t have the resources to tap into this exciting area.


Ethics is defined as “Moral principles that govern a person's behaviour or the conducting of an activity”. We are all guided by our principles, and charities like Dogs Trust face ethical dilemmas constantly. Upon doing our research we discovered that an emphasis on ethics in education has shown to help children to make sound choices, discover and evaluate their opinions and helps them to make thoughtful and confident decisions. It became clear then, that an ethics workshop was the perfect way to launch into secondary schools. It is our hope that this is the first workshop of many that we will deliver to schools across Ireland, in annual visits.

To learn more about our Ethics workshop, check out our March blog post.


Every year we visit hundreds of schools and work with thousands of young people encouraging their personal development while supporting the curriculum. Our trained and experienced team are fully equipped to deliver engaging and interactive lessons to your class, with minimal assistance required from you.

Our secondary school campaign includes…

  • A dynamic hour-long ethics workshop delivered by your local Education and Community officer.
  • Although this workshop is very popular with Transition Year students, it is suitable for all secondary school classes, and we are happy to deliver it to any class upon request.
  • We encourage debate and discussion within our classes. As Ethics is not a black and white subject, there will likely be various opinions in a group of students, and we nurture critical thinking.
  • Our workshops are completely FREE and are available both online and in person.

Improving dog welfare is our ultimate goal, and our workshops are designed to broaden students' perceptions of what exactly good welfare is, and how we can measure it. This is achieved by developing communication, co-operation, building confidence and self-esteem, whilst encouraging responsibility and respectful debate.


We do insist that teachers are present while we conduct our workshops, but don’t worry, we guarantee our content is useful and interesting for both pupils and teachers.

If you are interested in booking our Ethics workshop for your secondary school students, contact your local Education and Community Officer today.