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Online Workshops

Big news! We now have FREE educational online workshops available!  We still run in-person workshops that you can book with your local Education & Community Officer here, or you can access our FREE downloadable workshops available at the bottom of this page. We know not everyone’s schedule suits a set time so you can use the downloadable workshops whenever you want!

 Online Workshops

Zoom! Had any of us heard of it before 2020? Unlikely, yet 12 months on, it has become a massive part of many peoples day-to-day working (and social) life.

But we’re slightly ahead of ourselves, so lets rewind a bit .

2020 was difficult for many of us, and for the Dogs Trust Education team, we majorly had to adapt to the new world. When the schools closed we created downloadable resources (available at the bottom of this page), hosted Facebook live Q and A’s, and even had a spot on RTE’s Education hub (those videos are available here).

We had a busy summer but come September, we were ready to sink our teeth back into some proper workshops again, but this time we had a plan up our sleeve. We still offered in-person workshops to those that were interested (all within Covid guidelines, and you can find out how to book a physical workshop here), but we realised that if we wanted to continue delivering our important workshops at a similar level to previous years, we’d have to have an online option.

Enter Zoom.


So, our team got together, and translated, adapted and converted all our workshops, so that they can now be delivered online.

We were slightly apprehensive at first (would it work as well? Would schools find the workshops as helpful?) but we’ve had massive successes, and if anything, it has increased our range.

While there are still massive merits to visiting a school, often we would be invited to a school, only to disappoint them when we discovered that they were outside the remit of all our education officers. Now that we are online, we can visit any school in Ireland (providing they have broadband and access to zoom).


While 2020 was nobody's favourite year, we’re positive about the future, and by offering both in-person and online workshops, our team is now equipped to deliver our incredibly important workshops to a wider audience than ever. If you would like to book us for an online workshop, please get in touch today, we can’t wait to hear from you.


Downloadable workshops

But wait, perhaps you want a workshop NOW! Or perhaps you are a parent who would like to experience one of our workshops with your children. Well, we’ve got you covered too. We’ve created a series of downloadable workshops you can access right now, that you can do with your class, youth group or with your own family at home, whenever suits you. All these workshops are can be accessed at the bottom of this page.

Match Making Workshop

Matchmaker, Matchmaker, find me a match! Our Match Making workshop will go through the process of how we find homes for the dogs in our care, and then test your skills by seeing can you play cupid with 7 families, and 7 of our lovely dogs. Good luck!

History Of Dogs; English Workshop

Our History Of Dogs Workshop is an English reading workshop that takes children back in time to discover the origins of the magical bond between Mankind and dogs. This workshop is pitched to a reading level of 3rd to 6th class, but anyone with an interest in dogs should lap it up.

Maths Workshop

And our Maths lesson, will help those good with numbers (or those looking to improve their maths) calculate just how much food (and what types of food) it take to keep your dog nice and healthy.

And keep an eye on this page, as we’re always tinkering away, working on new downloadable resources. So, between in-person, online and downloadable workshops, we've got you covered