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The Big Scoop

The Big Scoop is back!

The Big Scoop is our annual campaign to raise awareness on the importance of cleaning up after our dogs, and as part of this the Education team at Dogs Trust have developed a tool kit that schools across the country can access. This kit (which is freely downloadable below) includes fun activities, workshops and art projects that all propagate our message, “Scoop the Poop.”

Your students will learn why it's so important for people to pick up their dog's waste using our three tiered method: The law, health implications, and the people it's most likely to affect. They can then use this knowledge to create a poster surrounding the theme of The Big Scoop, and enter it into our competition to win prizes for their whole class, and even be in with a chance of having their poster used in next year's campaign!

Often, when people step on dog poop, our instinct is to blame dogs, but at Dogs Trust, we know that the blame really lies with the owner. And to tackle this issue, we have our annual Big Scoop Campaign, which highlights the importance of cleaning up after your dog.

Unfortunately, dog poop is not an unusual sight to see on paths and streets across the country. Apart from the vast unpleasantness of dog fouling, it is considered littering, and owners who fail to “Scoop the Poop” may face on-the-spot fines of €150, or potentially as high as €2500 upon conviction.

It is against the law to leave dog poop on the ground, and with good reason, as it can negatively affect people in our community. Children, naturally, are quite vulnerable, but also wheelchair and pram users, as well as people who are visually impaired.

Apart from the horrid experience we have all faced, when stepping in dog poop, there can be serious health implications connected to dog faeces. One gram of dog poop can contain a whooping 23 million faecal coliform bacteria. These nasty germs can cause cramps, diarrhoea, and serious kidney disorders. Some dog poop can even contain unpleasant parasites such as roundworm (which is why we should always routinely worm our dogs), the larvae of which can cause loss of vision.

So you see, dog poop is serious business.


We hope you and your students will take part in The Big Scoop, and if you have any feedback on how your students enjoyed our resources, we would love to hear from you via our email address [email protected] or using the feedback form provided in the pack.

Remember, children should not be walking their dog without a grown up present. It's the job of the adult to pick up after their dog, and it is the child’s job to remind the adult (not strangers) of importance of being a responsible dog owner.

Happy Scooping!