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The Big Scoop

After popular demand we’re pleased to announce the scoop is back. Which scoop you ask?

The Big Scoop!

 This is our annual campaign to raise awareness on the importance of cleaning up after our dogs. Although you may well be thinking that this aspect is one of the less glamorous components of owning a dog, the education team have developed a unique tool kit (that you can download here) that includes fun activities, workshops and art projects that all propagate our message; “Scoop the Poop.”

Unfortunately, stepping in dog poop is something most of us have experienced, and sadly, when this happens the blame tends to fall on the dog, but here at Dogs Trust, we know that it is the owner, not the dog who is responsible.

Our Big Scoop campaign will highlight the various reasons why "scooping the poop" is important via fun, interactive activities suitable for primary school children of all ages. We hope you and your students will take part in The Big Scoop, and if you have any feedback on how your students enjoyed our resources, we would love to hear from you via our email address [email protected] or using the feedback form provided in the pack.

Remember, children should not be walking their dog without a grown up present. It's the job of the adult to pick up after their dog, and it is the child’s job to remind the adult (not strangers) of importance of being a responsible dog owner.

Happy Scooping!