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Science Week 2018

We all know that zoology is the study of animals, but did you know that the study of domestic dogs is called cynology?
The education team at Dogs Trust are very interested in cynology, because dogs are such wonderfully complicated animals. In fact, in celebration of Science Week, we've come up with a doggy pack that you can download from our website. This pack, suitable for primary aged children, has a week’s worth of workshops and activities in it, all designed for you to learn more about dogs senses. For example did you know that dogs have 220 million scent receptors in their nose, compared to our measly 5 million? And did you know that a dog can hear things 4 times farther away than we can? We are almost nose blind and deaf when compared to them.
Our workshops will encourage your class to undertake experiments to fully grasp how powerful a dogs’ senses truly are in a fun and comprehensive way.
Dogs Trust hope you enjoy our free resources. Happy Science week!