Where to get a Dog

Rehoming a dog is a wonderful thing; there are thousands of dogs that are all looking for loving homes. Just because they were abandoned, it doesn’t mean that they won’t make amazing pets 

Dogs Trust
We care for over 1,000 dogs every year so we have a lot to choose from. Plus our staff will help you choose the right dog to suit your home and lifestyle. All our dogs are neutered, microchipped and have a complete health check - so they are vaccinated and treated for fleas and worms - before you take them home. We also give you a collar, lead and 6 weeks free pet insurance. Dog also go home with a starter bag of food. Since it can take some dogs a little time to settle with their new families we also provide a Post Adoption Advisor service to help you.

Find out about rehoming a Dogs Trust dog here

Rescue centres / Council kennels
There are lots of dog rescue centres throughout Ireland, including breed specific ones. You can ask your local vet to recommend local centres or check breed association websites. You can also ask your Local Authority council whether they rehome strays and abandoned dogs in the local area.

Online or newspaper advertisements
Online and newspaper ads are often selling dogs bred for a quick profit by ‘puppy farms’. These dogs are raised without love or care and are often sold to unsuitable homes, and many suffer health issues due to irresponsible breeding. 

Sadly many of these dogs end up being abandoned or destroyed due to ill health, behavioural issues or simply that they are unsuitable for the home they have gone to.

The only way to stop puppy farming is to avoid buying dogs from advertisements.

Buying a pedigree puppy
If you want a pedigree pup don't forget that Dogs Trust have dogs of all shapes and sizes including pedigree dogs, or go to a reputable breeder. The Irish Kennel Club can provide a list of specific breeders and provide lots of advice to help you find your perfect pup. When you finally visit a litter, don’t forget to check that the dogs are kept in clean conditions. It is important to see mum as well as litter mates and dad if possible.

Puppies shouldn’t leave their mothers until they are at least 8 weeks old. Never feel pressured into taking one home earlier or if it is ill. A reputable breeder will never expect this and will usually have a process for letting the puppy get to know you, before you take them home.

For information on buying a pedigree puppy go to http://www.ikc.ie/