Workshop FAQs

Below is a list of common questions we sometimes get asked about our Workshops and Tours. We hope you find the answer to your query below. If not, you can always email us at [email protected] and we will get back to you as soon as possibleintro-jimmy-faq.png


Do workshops always involve a dog?

Not all of our Education Officers have dogs that can come into schools, but those that do are confident that their dogs are suitable for a class setting and will enjoy meeting your pupils. All of our Education dogs are assessed by our Training and Behaviour Advisors before commencing life as a Dogs Trust Education dog.

If you have any particular concerns about having a dog in your classroom, our Education Officers will be happy to discuss these with you. It is not essential for the workshops for a dog to visit with our Education Officers, but they bring so much to a pupil’s experience that we would ask that you consider it.

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What age groups do you talk to?

Our workshops are created for Primary pupils, however during the school holidays, we visit Montessori's, youth groups, libraries and special needs groups.

How long does each workshop last?

Each workshop can lasts between 30-45mins. However, if you have a specific requirement our Education Officers will be happy to discuss your needs.

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Where will the workshops take place?

Workshops can take place in a classroom or even in the hall, we try our best to accommodate your needs - however please do make it clear what you need to your Education Officer in advance of the visit. If you'd rather come to us, a rehoming centre visit can be arranged too, so do talk to your Education Officer to arrange a date.

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What equipment will the school need to provide?

Your Education Officer can adjust the workshop to suit the facilities available and will be just as happy using a powerpoint on a laptop as using nothing more than printed resources they can bring with them. Each Education Officer has a wealth of different resources and techniques to suit different size workshops and they will discuss the best approach for you when you place your booking.

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Can the workshops be run without the teacher?

We ask the teacher to be present during the workshop not only to help support the pupils, deal with any illness or behaviour issues, but most importantly to take on board what has been covered in the workshop, to enable further consolidation of the key messages as well as the extension of themes and what has been learnt into the classroom.

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Is there a limit to the number of free workshops we can have?

No there isn’t, we are happy to talk to as many classes and pupils that you would like us to. In fact, we would like to talk to every pupil in your school, every year that they are with you. It is only through on-going education that we can help educate the dog owners of the future. We can see up to 4 classes a day and stay for as many days as you need.

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How far in advance do we need to book a workshop?

We can get booked up quite fast, but always contact us to see whether we can be available. Ideally a term in advance is wise, but we will take bookings a year in advance!

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Can you tailor a workshop to meet a specific requirement?

Yes we can, just talk to your Education Officer about your requirements and they will work out how we can help.

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How do you cater for SEN or more able pupils?

We always talk to teachers prior to the workshops to assess whether there are any special requirements. Our activities are designed to be flexible and can be adapted to meet most pupils’ needs.

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How much does a Workshop or Tour cost?

All our workshops are free of charge, as education is a huge part of solving the problem of stray and/or abandoned dogs. However, donations to the Rehoming Centre or fundraising is always welcomed.

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