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About our workshops

We have a huge variety of fun, engaging and interactive workshops delivered by our dedicated team of Education and Community Officers.

Responsible Dog Ownership

Responsible Dog Ownership is the main theme behind most of our workshops. We believe all children should understand the work and effort that goes into taking care of a dog, and it is our belief that if the current generation of school children are aware of this, we will have less dogs surrendered to pounds and rescue centres in the future. We have a large variety of workshops that examine this theme, all of which encourage empathy, responsibility and practicality. Some of our workshops detail all the things a dog needs to be happy and healthy, while others calculate the cost of a dog, the suitability of a dog to a particular family, or simply detail the life of a dog in our rehoming centre, from abandonment to adoption day. Our workshops are designed to be cumulative, so if we have been to your school before, we can come back again in a years’ time, and build on the work we have done previously.

Every year we visit hundreds of schools and work with thousands of young people encouraging their personal development and supporting the curriculum. Our trained and experienced team are fully equipped to deliver engaging and interactive lessons to your class, with minimal assistance required from you. Safety is naturally embedded in all of our workshops, but we also have Be Dog Smart workshops which further teach young people how to behave around dogs to keep themselves safe. 

We also have our Be Dog Confident workshops, which aim to help children with mild anxiety around dogs.

Don't forget, some of our Officers can also bring their own dog to meet you and your pupils for a truly unique interactive workshop experience.

Benefits for teachers:

  • We come to you
  • Pre-prepared lessons delivered by our Education Team
  • Linked closely to the curriculum
  • Involve different interactive learning activities that engage children and young people
  • Flexible to suit your needs and curriculum focus
  • Can last from 30 minutes to 1 hour (per class)
  • Are completely FREE!

Benefits for pupils:

Using dogs as the theme, our workshops and assemblies develop communication, co-operation, build confidence and self-esteem, whilst encouraging responsibility and respect.

Subject areas and topics include: English, Maths, Science, SPHE, Health & Wellbeing, Drama,  Careers, Safety and more.